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tv   Today  NBC  January 7, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PST

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public. >> can you imagine the value of those coins as well? >> collector's items, to be sure. >> newspapers are pretty rare these days. >> that's true. that's what's happening "today in the bay." see you in half an hour. good morning. breaking news. masked gunmen storm the offices of a controversial newspaper in central paris. at least 12 people are dead. the frightening scene caught on camera. the attackers still on the loose. key discovery. divers find the tail section of that missing airasia jet overnight as the first underwater photos of the wreckage emerge. will it lead to the flight recorders. speaking out. bill cosby's tv wife talks for the first time about the scandal surrounding him. while the comedian gets set to return to the stage. will he face a hostile crowd? and countdown to the golden globes. the big event five days away, three superstars up for awards
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this year, reese wilther spoon, michael keaton and lee dunham, wednesday, january 7, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today." it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on a wednesday. and we've got breaking news out of europe in central paris, a deadly attack at charlie heb due a weekly publication that has received threats in the past. it was even the target of a fire bombing about three years ago, all over its cartoons of the prophet muhammad. >> the magazine has been attacked today, at least 12 people are dead many injured. president obama released a statement calling the shooting horrific, vowing support to
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track down the suspects still at the loose. let's get to bill neely. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. this is the worst terrorist attack in france in two decades, and it was no ran dam attack. the target a magazine that regularly satirizes all religions and politicians in france. gunmen stormed the offices and got away. a mid morning massacre in paris. shouting god is great two attack a magazine office, they are hooded and heavily armed. they'd killed at least nine journalists and staff when police confronted them. ruthlessly they shot the officers, one killed point blank in this exchange. they then escaped in a hijacked black car leaving behind a scene one police officer described as butchery. the target was a french satirical magazine, charlie heb
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due which published cartoons of the prophet muhammad and attacked once before. one of the cartoonists is one of the many injured. staff were rescued, many fled to the building's roof as the men using assault rifles and pump action shot gun went from office to office. the magazine had been protected by police for years. it has regularly been threatened but this morning, whatever protection there was failed. the french president said the country is in a state of shock. he condemned the massacre and called on france to unite. for now, there is fear. these killers are still on the loose. >> reporter: the latest information we have is that at least four of that magazine's cartoonists have been killed. the editor-in-chief was here in london and said i am shocked, i don't understand it how people can attack a newspaper with heavy weapons, a newspaper he
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said is not a weapon of war. condemnation from president obama, from the pope and many world leaders. france is in shock. the gun men as i said, still on the loose. >> security at its highest level. thank you very much. >> christopher dickey is the foreign editor of the daily beast, he joins us by phone from paris. good morning to you. the french president said several terror attacks were thwarted in recent weeks. you flow if this was a case they were expecting something big to happen just didn't know what the target would be? >> reporter: yes, i think that's the case. maybe not as big as this. they expected for terrorists of various strikes to strike back at them because france is very deeply involved in a war against al qaeda and the nation of mali which probably most americans don't know is going on. they are part of the coalition fighting the islamic state or isis in iraq.
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and as a result, they have been targeted again and again by various groups. there is a long history in france of hostility toward the government. by these groups. for issues like the veil, for instance. >> this is obviously an attack against france and the french people. because of the nature of the target, this satirical magazine or publication, it's also an attack against freedom of the press. what's the reaction from the french people so far and might there be a backlash against that freedom of the press? >> reporter: no, i don't think there is going to be a backlash against the freedom of the press. what there is going to be deepening and bitter divide between muslims who basically have been skeptical about the freedom of the press, and the rest of largely secular french society which sees this as almost a sacred value. i think that that has been a big
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issue and big problem. and in fact, it was going to be exacerbated today because of provocative novelist, controversial novelist excuse me, is coming out today and in fact is going to be on the cover of "charlie hebdo" today. i think this is a crazy time and one in which you're going to see deepening division between the values of conservative muslims, certainly, and jihadists and the values of western secular society. i think of course that is exactly what they want to see, they want to see division deepen as much as possible so that people have to choose sides. that's exactly the kind of game we're seeing played here. >> chris, we of course know in this country how 9/11 changed everything for the way people walk around the streets, how they feel about their own security. you think this is the kind if attack that might have a similar affect there?
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>> reporter: i've seen it already. right now i'm around the arc de triomphe in an area you would normally see lots of tourists. i walked underneath it, there is a tunnel there where it's usually packed with people. nobody there. i think the streets look -- there don't seem to be extra people around. and this is the day of the sales here in paris, you would think there would be crowds but there are not. >> christopher dickey, thank you for your insight. we appreciate your time this morning. we're going to have much more on this attack throughout our broadcast. >> still overseas a discovery made overnight in the search for airasia flight 8501, the tail was discovered and photographed in the java sea, 11 days after that jet disappeared. let's get to kelly in indonesia with that. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the tail section was found
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outside of the main search area, 55 miles away to the southeast. and for the first time the weather cooperated. divers were able to go down and take pictures of the wreckage. the first pictures of the air asia plane on the sea floor, part of the insignia and registration number clearly visible. the a and x, from pkaxc. the tail section looks intact in 110 feet of water and may still hold the black boxes. airasia founder tony fernandes tweeting if right part of tail section then the black box should be there. and, we need to find all parts soon. to ease the pain of our families. that is still our priority. in all searchers have found 12 pieces of wreckage spread around the sea floor. the problem is reaching them. strong currents are still stirring up silt and mud making it tough for divers. more than 100 people are still
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missing and searchers think many of them could be in the fuselage still strapped in their seats. a ship has been sent to the search area where the tail section was found to listen for pings from the black boxes. matt. >> thank you very much. here at home be thankful you're on the west coast. we've got dangerous bone-chilling cold now gripping more than 170 million americans. and some spots in the midwest feels like 40 or 50 below zero. >> that's right. it's bone chilling cold. we're going to check in with kevin tibbles in a minute to give you a bird's-eye view of what it's like. we're talking about wind chill warnings, advisories and freeze watches and warnings from the dakotas down to texas, all the way down and far south as central florida. orlando involved in this and up in new england. right now it's 2 above in chicago. 11 in cleveland. feel likes 11 below in buffalo. 8 above in new york city.
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our highs today are only going to get in the low teens. look at chicago, the high is going to be lower than it is now. 2 below. feel like 23. 22 in new york city. the morning lows tomorrow, atlanta 14, daytona 40, charleston 20, buffalo 9. into friday we're going to see more cold air coming in here but look at this. the highs new orleans will be 39, feel like 33 degrees. charleston 35 degrees. and week got a clipper coming across, going to bring more lake-effect snow and a wider swath friday into early saturday morning from chicago into cleveland. in fact, let's go to chicago right now. that's where we find kevin tibbles. boy, kevin, that hat says it all. it's 2 degrees outside right now. frostbite a big problem for people outside more than 15, 20 minutes. >> reporter: well, al, the extreme measures call for other extreme measures.
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i got this hat in russia on a today show shoot and today it is extreme enough here in chicago to pull it out of the cold storage. speaking of cold storage, well, i'm standing in the sun and this is reading just under 10 degrees here. the temperature throughout chicagoland area with the wind chill is minus 20 to minus 30 degrees, that's the reason why all of the chicago public schools are closed today and some 100 schools in the surrounding area as well. in minneapolis, it has to go down to minus 45 for them to close the schools with the wind chill. and if i was parents in that part of the world i'd be calling the schools to make sure that they are open as well. you have stolen all of my adjectives. it's brutal, it is vicious, it is frost-bitten and let's talk about that. you know, in these temperatures minus 5 and under, your skin can start to turn white on your face, nose, fingers and that is the first sign of frostbite
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setting in under a half hour. if your kids are out of school, check on them. make sure their exposed skin is covered and if you see this white skin activity, get them inside. al, back to you. >> kevin, thanks so much. guys, we're talking about this cold lasting right until about sunday. that's when we finally start to see moderation. until then, everybody is going to be in the deep freeze. >> got to have people be careful. >> a deadly shooting at a veterans medical clinic in texas is under investigation. the gunman killed one before officials say he killed himself. let's get to janet. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the clinic was packed with veterans here for appointments and treatments when the gun fire started. and that's when all of fort bliss went on a lockdown with word there was an active shooter on the post. it was a busy afternoon at the veterans affairs clinic at fort bliss in el paso.
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when reports of an active shooter came in at about 3:00. the v.a. ordered everyone to shelter in place while authorities searched for the gunman. the suspect shot and killed one person, before turning the gun on himself. no one else was hurt and neither the victim nor shooter has been identified but authorities continue to comb the clinic overnight for answers. >> active crime scene, and the shooting incident is under investigation. >> reporter: why did it happen? authorities haven't discussed the motive. but they said the actions of the gunman in the building and possibly how he chose his victim will be pieced together. >> make sure that everybody is aware we have hundreds of potential witnesses and we're processing those. those people here seeking medical assistance, we understand the difficulties with this situation presents to them. >> reporter: detectives have been here through the night looking for clues. today they will be talking to witnesses while the clinic
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remains closed. >> thank you. >> natalie is here, a big story out of l.a.x. >> it's serious. investigators looking at a string of potentially dangerous incidents near los angeles international airport. several delta airlines jets were hit with laser pointer deems beams near l.a.x. sunday evening. one pilot had to be cleared by a doctor. lasers can damage your eyes or pose a distraction. the the number of incidents has jumped to nearly 4,000 a year. so very serious stuff there. >> some good news. boxing legend mohammed ali is home resting after being released from the hospital. he was initially diagnosed with pneumonia but after further testing doctors determined that he was suffering from a severe infection. the the 72-year-old suffers from parkinson's disease. >> the search is on for the person who set off an explosive
7:15 am
device in colorado springs. the improvised explosive device was detonated against an exterior wall. a gasoline canister next to the device did not ignite. no one was injured. >> when a small plane started having engine trouble in new zealand today the 13 people on board could not have been more prepared because it happened to be a sky diving plane. so when the engine failed over a lake, the six passengers, six crew and the pilot all with pair a shoots were able to jump out and moments later the plane burst into flames. no wan wuss injured. a trophy o.j. simpson won has been recovered more than 20 years after it was stolen. the trophy was a duplicate give tune the university of southern california after simpson took home college football's top prize. the heisman was stolen in 1994 and at the time simpson was awaiting trial for the murder of
7:16 am
his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and friend ron goldman. police did not say how they were able to get the trophy back. >> a grand welcome this morning for monica's royal twins. princess charlene and prince albert on the balcony a couple hours ago holding a newborn baby in white. prince jacque the heir to the throne holding flags but the twins managed to sleep through the whole thing. cute. basketball referees do take a lot of heat for making bad calls but look at this. one middle school referee in washington state taking it to a new level. the referee you see there is talking on his cell phone right in the middle of a game. this went on for about a minute or so. not sure who he was talking to, and thankfully, though, a second referee was working the game as well. rest assured no calls were missed. >> maybe calling another
7:17 am
referee, can you work for me today? i need cover, man. i'm on the phone. >> back to the royal twins. you stood for nine months. you get no calls? >> i don't know. i would like to go to man. >> prince albert in the can. >> maybe that's it. >> mr. roker. >> all right. let's see what we've got going on outside right now. and again, boy, the place to be is out west because look at this. not only are you going to be warmer than usual, but you are also going to be nice and sunny. seattle, you can see a few clouds, no big problems, los angeles looking pretty good. plenty of sunshine. we have a little bit of lake-effect snow, in fact, it is firing up around the great lakes. but for the most part these are pushing through and that's not a problem. in fact, we do look for the big
7:18 am
problem is going to be theches. man, is it going to be rough. it's going to be 4 below in minneapolis, but 80 in phoenix, 66 in san francisco. we're going to check out your fo you've got to make better choices, jane! farewell, cookie dough ice cream. what's that you're drinking? it's trop50 with calcium. it has delicious new taste and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. it can't taste this good read the label ...and have 50% less calories? exactly. now you drop... ...and give me the 50. trop50 calcium. new taste so good you won't believe it has 50% less calories. good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. another spare the air day. in fact it's our sixth consecutive day. illegal to burn that firewood and with no significant wind in the forecast we'll likely be sparing that air all the way through friday.
7:19 am
now, here's the deal. temperatures are going to drop off. we'll see peak warmth. 74 degrees in the south bay and 72 degrees on the peninsula. by tomorrow temperatures dropping and more of an onshore flow which means better air quality and not good enough to get us out of the spare the air mode until potentially saturday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. >> going over to the orange room a. new congress sworn in. vice president joe biden the gift that keeps on giving. >> the swearing in ceremony is a big day for senators. as long as joe biden is doing the honors, right, it's a big day for the internet. the vice president known for small talk and he did not disappoint. take a look. >> betty, how are you. my name is joe biden. how are you. can i talk to a democrat? oh, man this is boring, boring.
7:20 am
no, i just swore in your grandson. >> thank god you look like your mother. >> talking to grandma, kissing babies, social media yesterday, many people streaming the ceremony live tweeting the best moments. here are a couple. america's new name, america's uncle, joe biden. if joe biden doesn't officiate my wedding i'm not getting married ever. joe biden has a way with words. if you are disappointed you never had the pleasure when you say hi to him. do it now. because "the washington post" has created this t joe biden random generator. if you meet let's see what he might say. hello, mr. vice president. hey dad, welcome to the old senate. natalie, you want to meet him. >> okay. >> you guys are beautiful. i bet you're smarter than -- you're pretty too. >> i like a little compliment generator. >> that's great.
7:21 am
>> you've got some eyes, kid. take care of them. he's my best buddy. it goes on and on. hours of fun for you. thanks to our friends at "the washington post." >> coming up, phylicia rashad, bill cosby's tv wife weighs in on the sex assault scandal surrounding her former co-star. >> the texas weatherman nearly killed in the station's parking lot about ready to return. what worries him the most with the shooter at large. we hear from him. first this is "today" on nbc. the first time. first this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up, should your kids be allowed to have and use cell phones in school? there is news on that debate. >> a all-star lineup. they all stop by but first checking your local news and weather.
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vow to wow sale. book now and get 50 percent off your second guest. call 1-800-royalcaribbean today. a very good wednesday morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police are searching for the the gunman who shot and killed a man at an estreet b.a.r.t. station. witnesses say the confrontation happened on train and gunfire erupted later when both men were in the parking lot. police say the victim is in serious condition. happening today, a big turnout for the recent sale of four bay area hospitals. the daughters of charity health system is selling six facilities statewide to the for-profit prime health care services. that's pending approval by the state attorney general.
7:27 am
a meeting is being held toitday at connor hospital, one of the facilities being sold. thanks the recent rain rates that's supposed to increase 1% this year. contra costa times reports the rate hike is delayed now until at least january 19th. the board may move to table plan all together if the rest of the winter is a wet one. no rain in sight for today. christina has a look at our forecast. >> yeah, the exact opposite in fact. good morning to you, laura and to you at home. a warming trend and another spare the air day. the only benefit from that all that pollution a pretty sunrise and really pretty sunset tonight. you can clearly see the hayes here. and as i take you into san jose you can clearly see that orange coming in. our part of a spare the air day. temperatures unusually watch. typically we hit upper 0s and today the mid-70s, 74 degrees
7:28 am
and a brand new record. 72 degrees for the peninsula and looking good and cooler weather and better air call. talk more about that in my next report. mike and your drive. >> showing that northbound route real starting to kick in. a crew crash before you get to 87 which may complicate things. not a lot of slowing. this is a wednesday so we are seeing a pretty smooth flow of traffic and the san mateo bridge bogged down from heyward all the way to the peninsula and the bay bridge toll plaza and all the way back up to the tri-valet. >> more news for you in half an hour. have a great morning.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:30 on a wednesday morning. it's the 7th of january, 2015. it's a tragic day in paris. at least 12 people have died in a terror attack there, mass gun men opening fire at the offices of a satirical magazine called "charlie hebdo." >> investigators are hunting for three suspects who escaped from the scene. the terror level has been raised to its highest level in the wake of that attack. >> right now on the streets of paris they are shoring up security at houses of worship, stores, media outlets because this is really an unprecedented attack in the heart of paris in the middle of the day. >> and the french president went on television shortly after the
7:31 am
attack and said that several other terror attacks had been thwarted in recent weeks, so clearly french authorities knew that something was in the planning, something was up. managed to thwart attacks but could not prepare for this attack on what had been a publication with a long relationship with many in the radical muslim religion. >> it had portrayed the prophet muhammad offensive to some muslims and had been fire bombed, the offices fire bombed in 2011 so it was a frequent target of not just criticism but violent threats. >> no question. we talked to christopher dickey in paris not long ago and you were asking him has it had effect on what appears to be normal life in the streets of paris. he said yes. what would be a busy tum of the day in a busy section of town it looked as if it was empty. so obviously people afraid, especially because of the fact that these suspects up to three of them, are still on the loose.
7:32 am
>> as is so often the case in modern times we appear to have some video of some of the attackers. we've been playing some of it this morning. bears repeating these armed gun men are still on the loose at this hour. and that has led to an intense manhunt throughout the streets of paris and beyond. people wondering whether or not the french authorities will be able to find these people who are responsible for such a brutal attack. >> it's an attack on france, the french people, also on freedom of the press because this is the magazine that maintained its longstanding right to publish whatever images it saw fit. >> and of course the magazine just this morning had tweeted out an image of abu bakr al baghdadi. it's too early to know if that has connection to what has happened but also worth mentioning that isis, the terror group had threatened france in recent days, france of course has been a partner to the americans and other allies in
7:33 am
the attacks against isis in syria and iraq, so there is a lot of reasons why france might find itself a target and of course we're going to hear a lot more about this. >> british prime minister issuing a statement, our own president issuing a statement of solidarity with the french people. we'll have much more on this. let's turn to mr. roker. >> we're talking so much how cold it is across really more than half of the country, actually believe it or not, there is one part of the country looking pretty nice, that is the southwest and southern california. right now phoenix, beautiful morning as you look at the sun rise. it's going to get up to 80 degrees today. so looking pretty good there. because of this dome of high pressure, so look at these temperatures. los angeles up to 77, phoenix, 80. that will probably break the record. las vegas 13 degrees above 7:33. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a lot of hayes out there in our atmosphere. can you vividly see that from
7:34 am
san francisco and san jose getting a really pretty sunrise from the shot of sunol, actually above the hayes. let me take you to the east shore where you can see for only three to five miles and later on today it's going to be hard to make out the city in the distance with that air quality at its worst. 74 degrees for today in the south bay and 72 on the peninsula. better air quality towards the end of the week as we get a cooldown and onshore flow. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. >> now to the scandal around bill cosby. his former co-star phylicia rashad is weighing in telling people to forget the women accusing cosby of assault. her comments coming as cosby is getting set to return to the stage. kate snow has been following the story for us. good morning. >> good morning. tonight's show the first of three in a row in southern ontario cities, it's cosby's first time on stage in more than a month. as he steps into the spotlight he does so with the support of the woman who once played his wife.
7:35 am
for eight seasons they were husband and wife on the"the cosby show." now phylicia rashad is standing by her castmate telling the entertainment showbiz 411 forget these women. what you see is the destruction after legacy. rashad went on to say someone is determined to keep bill cosby off tv and it's worked. all his contracts have been canceled. rashad is the second member of cosby's sitcom family to speak out. keshia knight pulliam. >> what do you make of those allegations. >> i wasn't there, no one was there except for the two people to know what happened. all i can speak to is the man that i know and i love. the fact that he has been such an example and you can't take away from the great he has. >> cosby's lawyer called the allegations unsubstantiated. on tuesday two more women joined a lawsuit accusing cosby of defamation.
7:36 am
>> i told my story. the reflection back to me from the bill cosby camp was that i was lying. i was one of many people lying. so it's branded me in a certain light that isn't true. so, this is my opportunity to get my good name back. >> at least 16 of cosby's tour stops are canceled or postponed. the last time he was on stage was in november when he received two standing ovations but tonight at the first of three shows in ontario, conda he may encounter protesters face-to-face. >> i'm hoping that his concerts will be canceled, that he won't walk out to adoring audiences anymore, that he will realize that people believe these women and it's not okay. >> cosby promised fans the show of their life but his pr team
7:37 am
wrote to ticket holders warning if a disruption occurs please remain calm and do not confront the person making the disruption disruption. >> cosby has never been charged with a krim. an attorney had no comment on the defamation lawsuit but said previously we're confident that we will prevail in this proceedings and we'll pursue claims against the attorneys who filed this action. it will be interesting to see how crowded that theater is in ontario and we'll be there in the audience. >> kate, thank you. >> up next, the texas weatherman shot in his station's parking lot speaks out as he prepares to return to work. >> and who among us would turn down a handwritten check for $975 million. we wouldn't but we'll introduce you to the woman who just did. a said you used to be out of control really i guess i did take some risk. trained a little bit differently. a little too honest sometimes. the media is useless. you were out of control.
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lowe's presents: how to make your guests think they're at the wrong house. oh wow. told you we're in the wrong house... go! go!! get 10% off sylvania led light bulbs at lowe's. 7:42 now on a wednesday morning, we're back with the road to recovery for the texas weatherman shot last month in his station's parking lot. he is getting close to work as police continue to search for the gunman. jacob rascon has more. >> hang in there. >> reporter: colleagues and fans are celebrating what doctors call a remarkable recovery. >> we are very happy to see patrick getting better and better. >> reporter: even patrick can almost joke about it. >> they kept on saying oh, you're so young and healthy, so young and healthy.
7:43 am
which, you know, i thought was kind of funny because i don't feel young and i don't feel healthy. there will be a chance for showers and thunderstorms. >> reporter: on december 17th, patrick had just finished his forecast at his station kcen and climbed in his car when he noticed a stranger outside. >> there was this guy just standing there with a pistol. and he was just shooting the gun and i was hearing all these pings and pongs off my car. >> reporter: he remembers thinking it must be a prank, a kid with a bb gun. >> but then one of the bullets went through the side -- driver's side door and that's what hit me in the stomach. >> reporter: the next bullet nearly killed him. >> he started shooting behind my car and it blew out my back window and then a bullet grazed the back of my head. >> reporter: nearby construction workers who initially thought patrick was the shooter, called for help. and the gunman vanished. he updated fans through social media. three weeks later, he's almost as good as new. >> people in this area that you know watch me every morning,
7:44 am
you know give the weather forecast they've just been so supportive. i've gotten you know letters. i've gotten you know e-mails, facebook posts, twitter posts. they really just want me to get better and get back to work. >> chris, back to you. >> reporter: the forecast says he will return soon but not without risk. still no sign of the stranger who shot him. >> i really do worry about more of my family and my wife. because i just think they're very concerned that this guy is still out there. >> that's understandable. that was jacob rascon reporting. we wish him well. >> absolutely. just ahead, new york city lifted its controversial ban on cell phones in schools and that raises the question do you think kids should have cell phones in school? you can weigh in on our facebook page. results are coming up on trending. what was inside? carson has last night's dramatic opening of paul revere's time cancerual, rig with my android from tracfone, i can...
7:45 am
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how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they import intense juiciness from the land of intensity. get this intense juiciness to starburst! you know i will! have a pleasant day! thank you! get back to work! [ female announcer ] starburst. unexplainably juicy. all right. carson is over in the orange room with the big reveal. just a mere 220 years in the making. >> that's right, guys. time capsule invented in the cornerstone of the massachusetts state house 220 years ago, finally opened in boston tuesday night. it was left by revolutionary warriors. other than transferring boxes in the 1800s, the contents have
7:50 am
been unseen. the joke al roker, will start flying any moment. neatly folded newspapers coins, medal depicting george washington and inscribed plate that still had fingerprints on it. we asked on facebook what you would put on in a time capsule. jennifer writes i have time capsules. they're boxes i've not unpacked in years. in that case my mother has a garbage full of time capsules. sam adams, we have an idea. not a bad idea right there. our own "today" show time capsule. i donated my beautiful orange converse sneaker that is have my name on it. guys? help me out here. >> mr. t bobblehead. >> they'll love that in 200 years. >> matt, bottle of purell. >> this selfie stick i thought that was a sign of the times. >> take the phone off. >> unplug it. >> by the way, will the orange couch fit in that box? >> the hole room.
7:51 am
>> yes! >> nat? >> every time capsule needs bling. this is the "today" show super bowl ring in 2006 with my name on it. >> sure those aren't real diamonds? >> they might be. somebody's going to get -- >> imagine opening that in 200 years. >> orange converse? coming up "start today" daring place to visit. we're going inside hoda's closet to help her and you get more organized in 2015. golden globe nominee lena dunham live in studio 1a. first a check of your local news and weather coming up. just inside a box... the promise of tomorrow awaits. welcome the morning with a vitamin-dense bowl of sun-grown grains and fiber. drenched in a bath of lean protein.
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and a good morning to you at 7:56 on your wednesday. i'm sam brock. san francisco police are warning about a man leaving plastic surgeons high and dry. investigators released images showing the man walking in and out of a clinic near civic center. one doctor who got stiffed says the man walked in with a woman et full of cash for botox and laser treatment. he left without paying the bill which was $6,000. the plastic surgery community is now sending out e-mail warnings calling him the botox bandit. and now police are crediting a drug dog named zeus for a big bust. zeus found $240,000 in cash and a large amount of meth during a recent traffic stop in santa clara. it was discovered in a hidden compartment. in another case zeus found 50 pounds of meth also in santa clara. and today marks the bay area's 12th spare the air alert this season and the sixth one in a row. a thick hayes right now has
7:57 am
settled around the bay area due in part to wood-burning fires. the bay area air quality management district is telling everybody to avoid wood-burning fire unless it's your primary source of heat. first-time violators will face a $200 fine. for a look at what's going on right now around the bay, let's check out with christina. >> hey, good morning to you, sam. good morning to you at home. you can definitely see that hayes vividly out there, and it will only get worse as the day progresses. high pressure is actually at its maximum strength for today, and for us that means peak warmth. we'll hit about 74 degrees on the east shore and 69 degrees in san francisco and 73 degrees in the north bay. weather headlines tell the story. near record warmth will cool off tomorrow. temperatures will drop by a good five to ten degrees, an additional five to ten degrees getting into the all-important weekend, and that translates to a stronger onshore flow and better air quality. friday to saturday should likely stop fairing the air.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ check it out ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up "start today" and get organized. >> don't throw my stuff away. very important. >> we're going into hoda's closet to show you what to save and what to trash. >> i'm a mess. and if this works, hallelujah! >> plus. should kids be allowed to take cell phones into school? a new controversy over an old debate. and triple threat. we've got some serious star power in studio 1a this morning. three golden globe nominees dropping by -- michael keaton, lena dunham and reese witherspoon "today," wednesday, january 7th, 2015.
8:01 am
♪ >> not even the arctic blast can keep us from the "today" plaza. >> hello to everyone back in minnesota! >> good morning, nashville, tennessee! >> hi, mom, back home in ottawa, canada. >> today is our 21st birthday and we're here to party! whoo! >> all we want is a selfie with al. >> woo! >> and we're back now 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it is the 7th day of january, 2015. it's cold. but do you know what else it is today? >> what's that? >> katie couric's birthday. >> happy birthday, katie. >> happy birthday, katie! >> we wish you a very, very happy birthday. >> cool. >> by the way, if you have not taken down your christmas tree yet, don't worry, neither have we. today is the day the rockefeller center christmas tree comes down. thank you for your service. >> we have to jump off before they put it in the chipper. >> meanwhile, as we mending,
8:02 am
with we have three huge names. this would be a great week. we've got them here on one day. >> they are all golden globe nominees nominees. lena dunham, the hit hbo series "girls," about to have a new season. >> reese witherspoon and michael keaton as well. so it's a very cool thing. let's go notice. let's go inside. natalie has a check of the top stories of the day. >> natalie? >> good morning. we are keeping an eye on a developing story. terror attack in paris has left at least 12 people dead and many other wounded this morning. nbc news chief global correspondent bill neely is following the story from london. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. this is the worst terrorist attack in france in decades and it was no random attack. the target, a magazine that regularly centerized all religion and french lesions. two masked men shooting people. we know at least four of the magazine's cartoonists are dead. they then left the office and
8:03 am
started engaging french police officers. at least two police officers were killed. police say at least 40 were rescued from the roof. the men hijacked one car and dumped that car and got into another car and on the loose now. it was an random attack. not like the bombings in london and madrid in which people were killed. this was a targeted attack on a magazine that has profit mohamed. france's president is in a state of shock p.m. number two, the men have gotten away. >> thank you, bill, from london. divers have found the tail section from the airasia jet that crashed off indonesia last month. the tail is where the plane's black box and flight voice recorders are located. is it is under 110 feet of water. a ship has arrived at the site. the discovery also raises hopes of finding more of the victims.
8:04 am
millions of americans are facing brutally cold temperatures as they head out the door this morning. nbc's dylan dreyer is in central new york state where, of course, they're deal with his lake-effect snow there as well. dylan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the lake-effect snow is so bad around here, about 6:00 this morning, falling at rates of 3 inches per hour. we have easily two feet of snow here on the ground in pulaski. parts of the thruway were shut dune for hours overnight in new york because of the heavy bands of snow. the lake-effect snow kicked in because of frigid winds crossing across the great lakes. those winds making it dangerously cold back near minneapolis and chicago, some area schools are closed today because of windchills down to around 20 to 30 below zero. that cold will settle in the northeast and all the way down south, especially tomorrow morning. and around here, as for the lake-effect snow, it will shut off today but it's only going to get started again on friday. natalie? >> dylan dreyer, brace ourselves
8:05 am
in central new york state. snow could bring out the worst in some people but it brought out the playful side of bow bow, the young panda at the national zoo in washington. this video will make you go ahh. this is the first time the 16-month-old had ever frolicked in the snow. after tumbling down the hill, she warmed up by snuggling with mama. smart bear. 8:05 right now. let's get a check of the weather with our cuddly al roker. >> that's right. everybody wants to cuddle in this kind of weather. let's all cuddle! let's show you what is going on right now. you can see not a big problem as far as that lake-effect snow. it's pushing to the south. that's good news. we appreciate that. as far as our afternoon highs today, anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees below normal. windchills, a big factor as well from the great lakes into the northeast. and even thursday, atlanta, 14. tallahassee, 23. these are the low temperatures. new york city, single digits, 9 above. it will feel like 6 below.
8:06 am
chicago's air temperature, 11. look at the lows on friday. again, moderating just a bit but it will still be well below normal. and, wow, you brought us bacon from the loveless cafe? >> and country ham! >> and country ham. i'm more of a city ham but thank you very much. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your good morning i'm meteorologist christina loren. we do have another spare the air alert issued for today. it is illegal to burn that firewood and will likely be sparing the air through friday. temperatures for today looking pretty good. 74 degrees in the south bay. 72 degrees on the peninsula, and 70 that's going to be a new record on the east shore. temperatures don't typically get this warm this time of year. by tomorrow the numbers tumble. into the weekend, drizzle on the way and temperatures in the low 60s. >> and tha and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. coming up next on trending
8:07 am
thanks but no thanks. why an oil tycoon's wife just rejected a check for $975 million. plus jill martin tells you how to get organized by throwing out 70% of hoda's wardrobe. savannah? >> i will be auditioning for a part. we are back after your local news and weather. ey'll never forget. it's royal caribbean's vow to wow sale, and there's no better time than now, to book your vacation. book today and get 50 percent off your second guest... ...and more money to spend on board. i vow to break the ice with my father-in-law. i vow to fly like supermom. i vow to make vacation history. it's our richest offer of the year. royal caribbean's vow to wow sale. book now and get 50 percent off your second guest.
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right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out knock it out, fast. with abreva. all right. it's 8:10. time for what is trending today. let us start with a story parents will want to talk about. it comes down to a simple question. should kids be allowed to have cell phones in school? about to lift a long-time ban on cell phones in school after parents were protesting about
8:11 am
being disconnected from their kids during school hours. a lot of teachers have been opposed to this concerned about distractions cheating cyber bullying. >> the kid in me says yes. the parent in me says no. >> actually my school has a good policy. they check their phones in in a bin at the school. at the end of the day, they pick it up. kids should be disconnected from their parents during the school day because that should be when the teachers and everybody else is involved. >> no phones in classrooms. my son is allowed to bring his phone to school but it goes into a locker. if he needs to contact us he can go in between periods or after school. >> the first thing the teacher would say, all right, everything below. put all your belongings -- >> yeah in spanish, too. >> and now it's turn your cell phone off. you can have it turn it off. if it's an emergency, though, isn't int nice to have that connectivity with your kid? >> we used to have trance ifrt
8:12 am
radio transistor radios when i was in school. >> we actually had smoke signal. >> should students be allowed to bring cell phones into school? 62% say no. 38% say yes. >> in fairness kids are in school right now. they didn't get a chance to vote. >> exactly. >> here is another question for you. who would reject a check worth nearly $1 billion? bitter divorce between oil tie con harold hamm and his wife ann arnell. the judge ordered him to pay close to $1 billion. both sides are appealing. she wants more and he wants less. he sends her a handwritten check made out for $9,7 -- $974,790
8:13 am
317. >> could you imagine going to the teller? >> throw me a bone. >> the teller says how do you want that? >> 20 singles. did jimmy fallon once blow a chance to date nicole kidman? apparently yes, according to nicole kidman one of jimmy's guests. she told this hilarious story how a mutual friend connected them a few years ago when they were both single. jimmy thought it was a business meeting and nicole said oh, no it was a date. >> and you're there in a baseball cap and like nothing. and you wouldn't talk. you didn't say anything. you were like hey. >> i didn't say -- um, um um. i thought this was a movie. >> it was meant to just -- you
8:14 am
put a video game on or something and i'm like -- so bad. it was bad. i swear! and you didn't talk at all. and so after about an hour and a half i thought, he has no interest. this is so embarrassing. >> no clue at all. >> and i went okay no chemistry. and then i was like maybe he's gay. >> jimmy does not sound like a great date. doesn't sound like a great business meeting either. >> on any level, it didn't work. >> hilarious. >> clearly not working. >> that's what's trending today. coming up, lena dunham plus hoda's closet get ace really needed makeover as we show you how t
8:15 am
all right. welcome back to "today" and more of our month-long series called "start today." we're going inside a place you never want to go this morning. a lot of people have never been before. hoda's very messy closet. she turned to jill martin "today" contributor and co-author of the weekend makeover for a much-needed cleanse. cleanse. >> when is the last time you
8:16 am
sorted through all this stuff? >> when it gets to be too cluttered and out of control. >> we are going to sort through and get rid of 70% of what you have. >> don't throw my stuff away. very important! >> keep toss maybe. here we go. >> keep toss maybe. >> you tie it around your neck i think. >> and there's a bow. i've never seen you wear -- that's toss. >> toss. >> i love that one. >> i didn't even know it was in there. >> so '80s. >> i didn't know it was in there. >> that's a bathing suit cover-up beach cover-up. that's another beach cover-up. i think it was supposed to be a bathing suit cover-up. i love these pants. i'm a mess. and if this works, hallelujah! >> let me see the back. >> honestly try to zip it.
8:17 am
that's the big t. >> do you like it? >> whatever. it's another toss. >> i'm sure one day i'll go where is that sweater? i knew i wanted it. >> you will never do that. >> okay. >> now it's time for me to bring in my tools and go to work. ♪ >> open your eyes. >> okay. that is completely and totally shocking! i've been shocked before in my lifetime but, i mean this might be -- 10. it's a 10! it's a 10! i love it. i love everything about it. >> look who's here jill and hoda are here with kind of a rendition of your closet. i have one word for you. >> go. >> hoarder. >> no. you know what though?
8:18 am
you know what it might be true. i did something for the first time this week. i took off a sweatshirt folded it put it back up -- because i'm so into how my closet looks now that i felt like i had to maintain it for a while. >> did you have trouble convincing her to do this? >> you know what? we started with things like -- these are ski pants, which i liked. >> please don't get rid of those. >> i said let's keep them. she gave me a look for a solid second. i said what? she said unfortunately -- >> i don't ski but i thought about trying before. that's why i thought i might need these. >> this is her junk her stuff right there. >> really. >> what are you going to do to all that? >> donate it also sell it and give all the money to one of hoda's charities. the real thing is in life we can't control so many things. when you wake up in the morning and need the extra ten minutes and you open it and see it pretty and organized it makes your day better. makes your life better. >> it doesd change how i feel about myself. i throw stuff up on top, grab
8:19 am
something from the bottom. it's an avalanche. i put it back up again and it's a cycle. >> don't you always convince yourself when you see something you haven't worn in five years, i will wear that one day? >> i tried on a shirt that was snug but i know that it fit at one point. and i kept trying. i'm going to get into this. i wanted to keep it. and jill said get rid of it. so that's that. >> i said it's not -- i wanted to grab one dress and show you. she looked pretty in the tape in t this is a perfect example of something not being a ten and something you should keep. it's a beautiful dress. it looked great on hoda. she didn't love the way she felt. you should only keep things that make you feel -- >> i liked you in it. >> okay. i'm keeping it. >> no no no. if you don't love it, it goes. >> if this is what your real closet looks like how long can you keep it looking like this? >> i'm going to try. i'm on day two. and it looks good. it still looks good. >> there's the before shot. >> by the way, i don't have as much stuff. so i'm going to try to keep it like that. look how the shoes are lined up
8:20 am
and everything. the shoes are in the bins. jill that's one of the best things up there. >> i think you did a great job, jill. pictures. wow! >> and very inexpensive. thank you for doing it. i know this isn't like your thing. and everybody thinks you have stylists and fancy people all around. it was a real two girls really doing it. >> cool. ladies thank you very much. >> do you like my dress? >> this one? i love it. it's beautiful. don't set me up. and if you want to join team jill and get yourself organized, organize your purse, for example, be sure to visit the plaza next wednesday and bring your messy stuffed tote and jill could give you a much-needed makeover. >> excited. >> all right. thank you, two. they will be back in our third hour with tools to declutter your clos zblet we'llet. >> over to savannah.
8:21 am
>> we're going to come over and shop hoda's reject. >> oh, yeah. >> we're in season four of the hit show "girls." here with lena dunham. is it possible that these girls are finally making smarter choices? >> we should all move here and start the revolution. >> no one is moving to iowa ever. >> i really feel like i made the right decision which is a totally new sensation for me. i'm eating grapes as a snack. >> and lena dunham star and creator of "girls." good morning. good to see you. >> so good to see you. >> congrats on season four. you're always putting allison williams in shall we say, compromising positions? >> i want to say it has nothing to do with who her father is but that would be a lie. >> we've been watching these girls grow up really kind of navigating the adult world after college for several years now. let's pretend that life was college. what grade would you give the girls for just kind of navigating life how they're doing? >> you mean what letter grade? >> what letter grade, a through
8:22 am
f. >> i'm going to say that they started out with a pretty solid fail but i'm going to say that season four they're averaging around a b. >> really? >> b minus on a bad day. >> we're ending on a b mine snus zblending on a b minus. ending on a b but starting off the season on a c or d. >> if it were to be an emoji, would it be -- >> it would be like the emoji that's kind of like -- you're not crying but you're not smiling. >> kind of like eh? >> the girls are finally making adult choices but they're realizing just because you make the right choice doesn't mean you're going to have perfect results. i think they all believe oh, once i choose to behave like an adult and treat the people around with me with respect my life will fall into some kind of order, like hoda's closet but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be. >> kind of like her old clos snet. >> i wish life could be like hoda's closet in a lot of way. >> we see your character branching out.
8:23 am
not giving anything away iowa's writers workshop in grad school. >> she is. >> she blends in and everything goes great. >> because it's "girls" she receives academic honors and graduates into a job at a magazine. to put it mildly she has an authority problem. i was a bit of a brat in my writing workshop. i would take constructive criticism, receiving and giving not always my strong suit. i got to really explore that part of my personality through hannah's iowa writer's workshop experience. >> criticism -- constructive criticism giving and receiving -- >> you've been so supportive and we all love you. >> as you know i'm obsessed with all of you. when you first started you weren't household names. >> yeah. >> what happens this journey been like for you?
8:24 am
everything you do is scrutinized, every tweet, every instagram. >> it got used to that anyone was paying attention. i was sort of used to making my weird videos and prose in a bubble. i was a weird college girl wearing neon leggings and doing my own thing and it took longer than a moment to adjust to the idea that anything i said had any impact. all of us girls on the show have tried to find a way to channel our voices into causes and issues and projects that matter to us so that we can make the attention matter and count. that's been the most important thing. >> and there are kind of two sides of that. i'm thinking about your memoir. you recently wrote a memoir of your life. one of the things you talked about was a difficult episode in your life where you talk about being sexually assaulted. >> yeah. >> and the reaction to that in the media and in the public world
8:25 am
world, was strange. in some places you were attempted to be discredited and in many so places doubted. how did that feel for you to go through that on this public stage? >> it's very difficult to share an episode that personal and receive criticism. what i received was only a small percentage of the doubt and victim blaming that most women who are sexually assaulted in this country experience. you know i am a celebrity with a platform and a lot of incredible support. most women who come forward with accusations of sexual assault don't have those benefits don't have my legal and emotional and financial supports. so for me i really feel like it enhanced my understanding of the cause and hopefully will make me a better advocate and activist in the future. >> and giving voice to those who might have been voiceless. let's end on a happy note. lot of great guest stars on "girls." >> we do. >> as for the yet unwritten role of responsible big sister or girl five i want you to know i
8:26 am
am still available. >> maybe we shoot some green scene stuff. >> you're always you're watching today in the bay. >> and a very good wednesday morning to you, it's 8:26 i'm sam brock. police are trying to find a man who they say ran up to a woman who was jogging and pulled her shorts down monday around 10:00 a.m. near the intersection of murchison drive and valencia avenue. they say the man ran off down the street wearing a burlap cloth over his head and face. in the meantime hundreds of thousands of californians will be soon told to find a new doctor. a contract dispute, right now letters are being sent to nearly 300,000 customers telling them they'll need a new primary physician starting april the 1st. the two sides are very far apart in the financial terms of the
8:27 am
contract. two bay area biotech companies are teaming up to hopefully find a care for parkinson's disease. gene genentech is going to perform gene sequences. the companies hope to use the information to treat the disorder, which as of right now has no cure. okay another local news update coming up in just 25 minutes. we will see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now at:30. it's wednesday, january 7th, 2015. it's a cool crisp morning here in new york city. and a lot of cities across the country are feeling that this morning. >> and the music you're hearing in the background that's garth brooks. not an accident that we're playing that.
8:31 am
his new album tops the charts. he will make history tomorrow when he joins us for all four hours, wrapping it up by co-hosting the fourth hour with hoda. >> we want your questions for garth. we'll write it down. send us a video on instagram. >> mr. michael keaton is here up for a golden globe this weekend for his role in "birdman." i was hoping he would be levitating a little. >> yeah. we're saving that for the interview, al. >> all right. plus another golden globe nominee, reese witherspoon is visiting 1a. >> what could be better than a cronut? >> hard to say. >> we can't wait to sink our teeth into it. from dessert to new trends in coffee. >> lots to get to. mr. roker, how about a check of
8:32 am
the weather? we already know it's awfully cold. it will continue that way, lake-effect snow in the eastern great lakes. we're looking at fog in the pacific northwest. the heat is on in the southwest. phoenix, probably break a record with a high of 80. for tomorrow we continue the snow around the great lakes. chilly weather makes its way all the way down into central and northern florida. miami tomorrow only 69 for a high. 72 l.a. we're looking for sunshine to continue in the central u.s. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below normal. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening good morning i'm meteorologist christina loren. we do have another spare the air alert issued for today. it is illegal to burn that firewood. we'll likely be sparing the air all the way through friday. temperatures for today looking pretty good. 74 degrees in the south bay. we'll hit 72 degrees on the peninsula, and 70 that's going to be a new record on the east shore. temperatures don't typically get this warm this time of year. by tomorrow those numbers start
8:33 am
to tumble. into the weekend drizzle on the way and temperatures in the low 60s. >> and that is your latest weather. guys? >> all right, al. thank you so much. in his latest movie "birdman," michael keaton tackles the ultimate question for any artist. am i relevant? he plays an actor once known for his role of an iconic superhero, starring in writing and directing a broadway play. an extensive effort that comes at the expense of his family. take a look. >> i should have just been there for the two of you, you know. just the three of us. but i wasn't. i was impressed with my own life and now i don't have it never going to have it. >> michael keaton good morning. good to see you. >> started with a real downer of a clip. speaking of a downer this is too good. mitch mcconnell. from our boy, mitch. sorry. i know you don't -- here is what
8:34 am
he says. we all know that one of the things the senate is best at doing is not doing much, he said. why don't we get started? why don't we get started at not doing much? thanks mitch. >> okay. little report from "the new york times" this morning. we'll get started on our interview. >> okay sorry. >> "birdman," nominated for golden globe. >> yes. >> oscar buzz. get your red carpet out fits all picked out? >> i think so. everybody keeps asking me that. i don't know why is everyone asking me that? i think i'm ready. maybe i'm not ready. >> you seem ready. >> it's been great. really fun. unbelievably appreciative. this is just a treat. >> the film is -- you have to see it. you really do. >> yes. >> it's so different. i heard you say it is your favorite film that you've done. >> well yeah. it's way up there. all in all if you add it up i would say it probably is you know. because when do you get an opportunity to do everything? i mean it covers -- it's a
8:35 am
comedy really. it's a dark comedy. and there's every level of you know emotion and there's so many layers to this film. and, you know within one scene you get to at least try to play everything. and i don't know when that will ever happen again. i don't think it's ever happened before. >> there are great performances. also something of a technical feat. >> yes. >> it's made to look as though it is one long continuous shot. >> yeah. >> which i gather meant really long takes for you and the other actors. does that just ratchet up the pressure? >> yes. >> like times a million? >> times about 4 million. yeah yeah. >> what happens when you get to the end of the take, long sill ol -- sylliloquoy and you mess up? >> you have to do it again. camera operator i mean i can't believe what he accomplished.
8:36 am
so yeah you do. if you're the last person in line and you screw up or the first person in line and you start all over. we shoot one scene a day, one long long scene a day. you don't have the luxury of editing. no one has the luxury of editing. none of the actors did. so you don't get that you know -- >> safety net. >> safety net of this angle and that take. if i didn't get on that side they'll get me on this angle or they'll come around and get it. you don't have that. you better get it in one shot. >> i don't think i've given anything away. there's a great scene of you walking through times square in your underwear. >> yes. >> real times square. >> real underwear. >> real people. >> and real underwear. >> on the scale of one to ten with one being embarrassing and ten being extremely liberateing, where would you put that experience? >> i would put it somewhere -- i would give them each a ten. i've run through times square in my underwear before. >> oh, really? >> tell us more about that. >> well one evening --
8:37 am
>> we need more time for this segment, everybody. you know it's funny. your character is known for playing a birdman. >> right. >> a superhero. >> right. >> you, michael keaton an actor known for playing batman. >> yes. >> as far as you're concerned is that where similarities end? are people making too much of the similarities or the parallels in your own life? >> probably but, you know it's okay. i'm okay with anything. i'm okay with however people want to interpret it. it doesn't really matter to me. i guess when people -- i was asked a question, i couldn't figure out why -- i couldn't quite figure out an answer. and the truth is there is no -- when i did batman really it was more a manner of -- which i'm extremely proud of doing with the great tim burton. it was really a matter of how to figure -- we were figuring out a lot as we went along because it's so difficult to do at the time. and, really as they say work
8:38 am
that suit in terms of -- the character was really -- i was approaching it from bruce wayne. that was my way in it was really bruce wayne. the rest of the stuff was really just trying to figure out how to manage to you know do any type of acting inside a giant black rubber suit. outside of that there was really no -- i mean the parallels being you know, i'm an actor and thompson is an actor, but i approached it like i did everything else. i did "night shift," "much to do about nothing" or " "multiplicity." it was interesting. i don't relate to his personality type. but, you know i'm an actor. he's an actor and, you know he's struggling with relevance, i guess. and i guess i think about that from time to time. but really you go to work like
8:39 am
you go to work on everything else. >> several incarnations of batman. it just occurred to me. could you ever be enticed to wear that black suit again? >> i'm proud to have been him or to have been he or play him. sure. i'm kind of up for anything. run through times square in my underwear. >> after that it's all gravy, right? >> yeah yeah. >> michael keaton thank you. back to your paper now. >> oh, yes. >> dramatic reading. >> birdman in theaters now. appreciate it. reese witherspoon is opening up about going wild in her new movie. >> she's great. >> she's excellent in that. first this is "today" on nbc. >> thanks, dear.
8:40 am
8:41 am
my name is frank griffith and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i've been with pg&e for 17 years and i work in vallejo. i grew up in vallejo and this is where i want to be. i ride my truck around on the same hills i rode my bike around when i was a kid. as a troubleman, if your power goes out, you call and here i am. i feel like my job is important because all the people in this community are people that i know. my family is vallejo too so i need to make sure it's safe for them. when i pull up to a house, i want customers to know i'm there to help. we need to get the power back on, that's our job. you get a good feeling from fixing stuff. there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for better brands at better prices to help you maxx what matters most to you... anytime. maxx life. shop we are back at 8:41. it is shaping up to be another busy awards season for reese witherspoon, producer of the hit
8:42 am
movie "gone girl" and nominated for a golden globe in her new movie "wild." >> honestly i'm lonelier in my real life than i am out here. >> reese witherspoon, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> here we are in early 2015. 2014 was such a big year for you. i look at the three movies you did. they all seem to be kind of against type. was that on purpose? >> yeah. i mean i mied a conscious choice two years ago to redirect. i wasn't seeing the kind of roles for women i wanted to see in films. the first two movies were "gone girl" and "wild." >> you're basically two for two. >> it's great because when you try something new, you have no idea if you're going to be any good at it. it's been actually a relief that the movies came out as they did and that people enjoy them so much. >> people have been talking about a possible oscar nomination for you in particular for "wild." is this one of those things that at this point in your career you actively strive for or hope for
8:43 am
or you think, oh, well that will probably never happen again? how do you approach that in your mind? >> well it definitely is such an honor to get the oscar. i don't think you never think it will happen again. just the work that people are talking about and appreciating it's changing the conversation about women in film. that's all i ever wanted to accomplish and make a movie that mattered. it feels really good to put good things into the world. >> you play a role that is kind of stripped down bare a woman trying to piece her life together. and she's out in this raw and rugged terrain, walking a thousand miles. if you could have a spectrum of people, cheryl strait from "wild" and elle woods from "legally blond" on the other and you couldn't be further apart. >> the book "wild" was so beautiful and i was so moved by cheryl's honesty and her grief
8:44 am
and her experiences as a young woman. and i think it's a great opportunity to have you know this epic journey, this woman and this face. i never read a script like that. >> to play a real person which you had done before but have her right there and be part of it. >> at first it was nerve-racking. i didn't know what she would think about my performance and she would send me e-mails at the end of the day just saying beautiful things and after she saw the film she said i saw my words written on your face. that was the biggest compliment i could get. >> you're back together with joaquin phoenix in this role? >> yes, which is so much fun. >> you have a lot of chemistry, it seems like. >> something in the universe just put us together and we just have the best time together. we have such respect for each other and we enjoy with working together. so much together that the director had to be like you guys stop talking. we have to shoot a movie. >> last time you were on the "today" show you had just gotten married. since then you've got a little
8:45 am
boy. >> yes. >> what's it like to be mom to a toddler and teenagers? >> it's interesting. two different things are happening all the time. it's kind of great because my older kids are just so in love with their baby brother and help out so much. and it's kind of like having this big, extended family. and, you know we always talk about in our house the more people that love you, the better your life is. >> there's a lot of love for you, reese. thank you for sitting down with us. >> thank you. appreciate it. good to see you again. >> good to see you. now here's matt. the hottest food trends for 2015. that's enough adam. including what this contraption or concoction is. cheers. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're back now at 8:47 with the hottest food trends for
8:48 am
2015. what dessert will everyone be talking about? what will dethrone the cronut? adam is editor in chief of "bon apetit." good morning. >> good morning. good to be here. >> sum it up in one sentence. >> healthy becomes hip. the best restaurants in the world are cooking more vegetables than meat and you have these smart casual contests which we'll get to in a minute. quinoa all that good stuff. >> we had a cronut craze in 2014. what's the version of that in 2015 is this. >> this is a regional specialty in texas. it's a kolachi, texas, minnesota, oklahoma. czech donut that immigrants brought over. sweet or savory. >> smoked beef sausage. >> this is from kings in brooklyn. not exactly low calorie, but delicious. >> really good. >> you're liking that. >> i like that. >> some people on the street say
8:49 am
give me a gyro. the real name is gyro. they've been around forever. what's new about them? >> kolache. >> you should never do that. >> i'myou're a pro. i'm an amateur. actual lamb chicken dressed up with beautiful infused yogurt pickled onions. if you ask for yours greek, they'll put the french fries in the pita. >> i don't even mind the kona meat. i love it. >> after six beers it's great. >> speaking of beers, this looks like beer. comes in a keg. it's not beer. >> it's from nitro coffee. cold brew coffee infused with nitrus nitrogen. it's kind of like a guinness. other than co2 it makes for a smaller, smoother bubble, almost a chocolatey finish. >> not hard edge of a black coffee.
8:50 am
you're right, it is smoother. what are we talking about per glass? >> 50 cents more than the average ice cold brew. you get it in a glass, no ice. it comes out about the same. it takes longer to make. it's more of a production -- >> would you put sugar in that? >> a dash. not too much. we have to stay slim and svelte. >> the fish that everyone will be talking about in 2015 is? >> dry, salt cod. this has been around for 500 years in the north atlantic and mediterranean. last several years we've gotten to these earthier flavors, sea urchin anchovies. >> how do you serve it? >> from wallflower new york. this is what the french would call where they take the rehydrated cod, cook it down on a sandwich. >> i'm not going to try that. cocktail of the year? >> elderflower liquer took over
8:51 am
the world. this is a beautiful grapefruit flavored liquer blend it with sparkling wine. >> it almost has a compari -- >> that has compari in it. >> bing bread. >> this is the best thing you're going to eat all year matt. from chicago, it's like a stuffed potato skin. classic chinese sort of flat bread stuffed with bacon, scallions, sour cream, butter. so so good. yeah you like that. >> that is really -- apparently i'm a little -- >> you took too big of a bite. >> no i'm ready. i'm back. adam rappaport, food trends for 2015. i'm going back for more of this.
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> we'll be talking about the controversy around the movie "the interview," the hacking for weeks now. >> apparently it's paid off for the studio becoming the most lucrative digital release ever. joe fryer has more on that. >> reporter: it's hard to measure the success of "the interview," controversial film that's chartered a course unlike any other, from a huge theatrical release to no release to an unconventional mix of independent cinemas and in-home viewing. >> i think it can be called a success. it could have been a total bomb. >> reporter: across all online
8:54 am
and video on demand platforms, sony says "the interview" has been rented or purchased generating $31 million. also showing in theaters grossing $5 million at the box office so far. that brings the total to $36 million, short of what it probably would have made with a full theatrical release, but better than nothing, considering there was once feared it would never be seen after the sony cyber attack. >> no question that given this really incredible circumstance, it was unprecedented. sony made the best-case scenario out of what was a worst case scenario. >> welcome to the jungle baby. >> so will other films follow "the interview's" model? >> i don't think it will set a new standard in how studios approach their release strategies. >> reporter: there are a few success stories, movies like "snow piercer," starring chris
8:55 am
evertz. it made millions while it was in the theaters. for big-budget films, the big screen is where blockbusters are made. >> you really need that theatrical push at the beginning, followed up by the vod to recoup your costs, including marketing costs. >> for "today," joe fryer, nbc news. at the end of the day, you can't even calculate the amount of free publicity that movie got over that several-week period. >> recalculate the loss from being hacked. >> hundreds of millions. >> what's coming up next hour guys? >> we've got some celebrities coming on with us as well maggie grace from "taken 3." she's joining us. >> a particular set of skills. >> and she has a great story. liam neeson called a guy she was dating. imagine him calling in character. >> i love that! >> i will hunt you down. >> and i will kill you. >> they should carry over some
8:56 am
of those gyros from the last segment. >> kitchen gadgets. lots coming up. first your local news and you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, coming up on 8:56 i'm sam brock. all new this morning, new numbers show that californians are doing slightly better on conserving water, but still not good enough. you'll remember a year ago governor brown asked everybody across the state to cut back by 20% in the face of a historic drought. now officials reported yesterday that californians cut overall water usage by almost 10% in november compared to the same
8:57 am
time last year about half of the governor's goal but important victories are being overshadowed by huge deficits. for example, the bay area has cut its water use by 18%, while los angeles, san diego, orange and riverside counties have only cut their use by 3.2%. all we're asking for is fairness. see you in 25 minutes. ♪i can show you the world♪ ♪shining, shimmering, splendid♪ ♪tell me, princess, now when did♪ ♪you last let your heart decide♪ ♪a whole new world♪ welcome to aulani, travel and leisure winner for top family hotel in the u.s. for special offers visit or call your travel agent.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's wednesday morning, january 7th 2015. how long is the tree going to be up by the way? >> tonight. >> tonight it comes down? getting to be that time, all right. >> bye, tree. we'll miss you. >> next year tree. >> i'm willie along with al natalie and tamron. we're really thinking about the people in paris, france, what's going on there, the families involved and also the entire city and country dealing with this. our thoughts are with you this morning as we go through some of the news here at home. we'll start with bill cosby.
9:01 am
phylicia rashad who played claire huxtable for all those years on "the cosby show" spoke to showbiz 411. she says quote, forget these women, talking about the accusers of bill cosby. what you're seeing is the destruction of a legacy. and i think it's orchestrated. i don't know why or who's doing it, but it's the legacy and it's a legacy that's so important to the culture. >> it's funny. roger friedman, the reporter on this. and he said -- he asked her, expected her to deflect or just avoid it. and she just kind of started talking about all of it. >> she went right in. she also went in to defend camille cosby, bill's wife, saying this is a tough woman strong woman, she is no pushover. there's no question camille wouldn't have looked the other way. cosby hasn't been charged with a crime. he denies all the allegations. keshia knight pulliam, who played rudy on the show, was on
9:02 am
the program earlier this week. >> with keshia she said the person being described is not the person she knows. her point is there were people there. she was not one of them, if these allegations were true. i think phylicia rashad is a much stronger pushback and defends, as well camille cosby, who she admires, as you can see, in those quotes and she doesn't believe she would have allowed those things to happen around her. >> for that length of time. on a lighter note one of our faves, vice president joe biden. new congress gets sworn in. vice president oversees some of the swearing-ins, mock swearing-ins if you will in the senate. he met a lot of the family members posing for photos. and of course, offering some as only the vice president can.
9:03 am
>> dick, how are you, pal? i tell you what. easy to swear at you. >> betty, who are you? my name is joe biden. vice president biden. how are you? >> selfie. >> why, no. and i just swore in your grandson. >> he said grandpa can i talk to a democrat? >> oh, man, this is boring, boring, boring. >> you got some eyes kid. >> we both have something in common. we both married up. >> joni. >> gale. it's getting late man. >> oh thank god you look like your mother. >> oh, my god. he goes on and on and on like that. >> second to last one was jodi ernst. her husband name is gale. he greets jodi as gale, congratulations. oh oh. >> oh, you're jodi. >> if you would like a joe biden compliment, guess what,
9:04 am
compliments of the washington post, the joe biden random compliment generator. >> i have some here. they've loaded our ipad. brittany told me just to click it. compliment me, joe. >> you've got a smile that lights up the room. thank you, mr. biden. you've got some killer eyes willie. the girls are in trouble. >> he said that yesterday. >> yes. >> to a young boy. >> these are real quotes. >> here is another one. >> other than my mother this is the finest lady i've ever known. >> i know. >> oh, my gosh. >> one more for you, al. hi. how are you? i hope you have a big fence around the house. what does that mean? >> he was saying that to a young lady, the mom of a young lady. >> spectacular. >> the girl that he kissed on the cheek and she kind of went like this. >> not kind of. >> kind of like -- >> she was like no. >> we love him. >> and he is -- we had the
9:05 am
privilege and honor of meeting the president and vice president and vice president biden is a close talker. he's a close everything. >> he's a toucher. >> that he is. >> totally nice, jovial way. >> in a favorite uncle way. >> absolutely. >> except for that girl. >> somebody tweeted about that earlier, how he should be uncle joe biden. america's uncle. >> i love it. one member of congress, you married up, just like i did. killer line. >> got a million of them. love it! >> now to our would you wednesday. a lot of people -- you show this had video earlier, i think, natalie. referee of a high school basketball game is you know, doing his job. or maybe multi-tasking at his job. here is the game. high school basketball game. if you look closely, the ref has a phone glued to his ear for over 45 seconds while ref'ing the game in washington. we certainly hope this was not an emergency phone call. obviously i think it had to be
9:06 am
very important. these refs, in many cases volunteer their time. they're not paid. if he's taking a call, i don't think he's ordering domino's. >> when you're at a theater it's always tough to make that -- because if your kids are calling you or -- you know, you just feel like you have to answer the phone to know what's going on. you never know. >> it's odd. in the theater, i do turn my phone off so i'm not tempted. we've been at work events or luncheons and i have my phone under my leg and i can feel it vibrating. >> that would be like being on the phone while you were hosting the show. like he's doing his job right there. >> one of the things -- >> there was a second ref who was also calling the game. >> but yeah. but also it was a middle school game, like a borderline pickup game. >> to them -- >> wow! >> to the middle schoolers -- >> i watched the footage. >> just because you dunked on shaq. >> hey! >> lie's not playing, it's not important.
9:07 am
>> willie -- >> you're better than those kids? you look like such a nice guy on tv. >> i'm sure they're nice kids. >> but they can't play. >> i'm sure he's a nice guy. >> tweet him, let him know what you think. >> objective analyst. i'm color analyst for middle school basketball, wherever it was. >> they're high school. >> no, it's middle school. >> they're high school. >> tamron, they're middle school. that's wrong. it's middle school. great kids though. good students, all of them. smart kids. >> how about those pandas in the snow? >> cutest video of the day, our moment to make you go ahh. smithsonian national zoo, baby panda bear bao bao, rolling down the hill kind of like your kids would do. >> going down again! >> is that a ten? >> like a seven. >> it's a seven on technique? >> i'm not going to critique bao bao. he's untouchable.
9:08 am
>> that was the slowest roll. that's the greatest roll down the hill. >> did you practice that, slow your roll thing? that was spontaneous? >> bao bao was loving mama, too. >> that's what you do when you're cold. >> bao, bao, bao, bao. >> she went out of the closure and was shocked by the fence they had to keep them in the habitat and ran up a tree and would not come down for several hours. >> would you? >> no. it was like what did you do to me? >> tough lesson not to climb the enclosure. >> she sure did. >> shocking. >> do you know how she got out. ♪ zoo keeper er the zoo keeper was on the phone. >> it all comes back. >> mr. roker, it is cold out there! >> brutal! >> we are talking over 170 million people, that's like half the u.s., under some sort of windchill watch, warning. dylan dreyer earlier in pulaski,
9:09 am
new york tweeting this picture, amazing stuff sbchlt. and from katie brauman. frozen solid. that is cold. here are the watches and warnings. even down to new orleans. hard freeze warnings. right now it feels like two. it is 2 degrees in chicago. feels like 20 below. cleveland at 11. new york city, it feels like 8 degrees outside. highs today, it will only get to minus 2 in chicago. 22 here in new york. knoxville, 24. it will feel like 11. tomorrow morning, atlanta, you're at 14. tallahassee 23 degrees. boston will be at zero. it's going to feel like 21 below and then tomorrow's highs, boston, 17. 20, new york city. cincinnati as well. look at new orleans. that will be the high in new orleans. 40 days until mardi gras. that's the good news. clipper coming across, bringing more snow.
9:10 am
lake effect. friday more snow erie on into syracuse right around the tug hill plateau around syracuse and watertown, another 15 to 18 inches of snow. good wednesday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it is another spare the air day, and we'll likely be sparing the air all the way through friday with no real improvement. we will see some but not significant enough to take us out of that spare the air mode until friday into the weekend. 69 degrees in san francisco today. about 70 degrees on the east shore. that will be a new record in oakland if we hit that. otherwise temperatures are going to drop off tomorrow. upper 60s for thursday. by friday, mid 60s, low 60s for the weekend. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. you had an event last year, precursor to all the awards. >> big new york event, national border review of film.
9:11 am
they had me host for some reason. i don't know. >> oh come on. >> all the stars were in the room, julianne moore, "still alice," bradley cooper was there to present best director to clint eastwood for "american sniper" and michael keaton, co-best actor. bubbly personality. in here today. such a great guy. a lot of people in the room kind of feel like it's a birdman kind of year for him. >> you get that sense. you really do. >> it's innovative, his way of acting tremendous. >> clint eastwood accepting the award. jessica chastain chris rock, who brought down the house with his speech. and the guys who -- these two young guys who wrote the "lego" movie one won best adapted screenplay. >> did you do your willie swagger? >> some of that. it's a cool event because it's not televised. everyone's guard is completely down drinking, eating.
9:12 am
>> what can you tell us? give us some scoop. >> chris rock thought the lego guy's speech went on too long. >> the guy made a movie. it's not that important. >> been in three of them. >> in my house, that animated movie "lego" movie is extremely important. best movie in my house. >> that's right. liam neeson is back with his particular set of skills, and so is his on-screen daughter played by maggie grace her and find out about a prank played on one of her former co-stars. >> i love it. cute! >> oh, no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that
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9:16 am
>> now reprising her role as kim, in liam neeson's daughter. when he is accused of killing his ex-wife, she knows police have the wrong man. >> someone killed my mom. it was not my father. >> they can't know that, can they? >> i do. is there anything else? >> you know we can arrest you for obstructing an ongoing investigation. >> arrest me. >> rather not. >> well, then if you're not going to can i go home? >> of course. of course. >> thank you. >> maggie is with us. ever been arrested? ever been faced with the -- >> uh, i would rather not say. >> whoa! >> good morning. >> hello! >> let's say it's not appropriate for morning television. >> all right. >> you and willie have something
9:17 am
in common. >> it was so awesome. >> he was. >> last king of scotland himself, i was so nervous. >> really? >> so amazing and then it was like i kid you not like two takes and we were off to shoot action scenes all day. so it was like i got so amped up. oh all these things we have to talk about and oh, my god, forest. and then it was like, all right. moving on. so then the rest of the day -- >> love it. >> forest whitaker and, of course, liam neeson, who has been in these films throughout with you. what kind of guy is he like to work with? >> incredibly protective and lovely and has this really weird sense of humor. it's been almost like nine years now. i think it's how people feel with a season ending or anywhere you have worked a long time. >> speaking of protective and almost fatherly, i mean, i understand there's a really good story. he called one of your boyfriends
9:18 am
and gave him the speech? >> ex-boyfriend? >> yeah. no, there was this boy who had really hurt my feelings and was kind of being a hot mess and liam was just like, let's get something straight. >> just to remind you, take a listen to one of the greatest speeches of all times. >> what i do have are a very particular set of skills, skills i have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. if you let my daughter go now that will be the end of it. i will not look for you. i will not pursue you. but if you don't i will look for you. i will find you. and i will kill you. >> and that's when he became an ex, right? >> you would think this kept me shockingly single all of the time but -- >> why wouldn't a guy want another date after that? >> you would think. but, no. >> he gave that speech to the
9:19 am
boyfriend over the phone? >> the ex-boyfriend. >> the now ex-boyfriend. >> >> what did the ex-boyfriend say? >> not much. >> he said bye-bye. i'm out. >> it was great. but yeah, my man now is so good to me because look at what hangs in the balance. you know at any point -- >> that could happen. >> i should call liam when i get parking tickets. anything. >> we can't wait to see "taken 3." we're all admiring your dress. >> i called it koolats and everyone backstage made fun of me. >> when it's 50 degrees outside it's koolats. >> in your honor, we'll all wear
9:20 am
koolats friday. >> thank you. another round of reality on the popular series ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ even if it's your last one always share the softness of kleenex tissues. and share your kleenex care story at so i'm on the cookie air diet. you just... and that's it. i'm a big fan of the baby food diet. how many 200 pound babies have you seen? i think i'll stick with my great grains cereal with fruit and nuts and... whole grain goodness. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole, see the seam. more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. ladies, it's time to get real.
9:21 am
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9:23 am
fiber is by how great you feel. and by how little you're thinking about that word. benefiber. now available in stick packs. taking a look at the headlines today. france raised its alert to the highest level after a deadly terror attack there in the heart of paris. at least 12 people were killed when gunmen stormed the offices of the satyrical magazine that previously had been threatened for publishing caricatures of the prophet mohammed. the gunmen then fled, still at large. president obama release aid statement, condemning the attack n. the java sea searchers have found part of the tail section of the plane that crashed last month killing 162 people. it's the section of the plane where the so-called black boxes have beenr located. a ship has been sent to listen for the signals of the black boxes. retrieving them is critical in order to find out what caused
9:24 am
the crash. most americans do not have enough savings to pay for unexpected expenses. according to bank, only 38% of americans have enough money saved up to pay for things that come up unexpectedly, such as a big car repair bill or even a trip to the emergency room. the report finds the ability to pay for unexpected expenses goes up with age and education. millennials were least likely to have sufficient savings. sony pictures says "the interview" has now been rented or purchased online more than 4 million times, bringing in more than $31 million. the controversial film with seth rogen and james franco has taken in $5 million at the limited theater that is have shown it. it is the number one online film in sony history. and the royal welcome in monaco monaco. thousands cheered as princess charlene and prince albert showed off their beautiful twins born under a month ago. prince jacques, heir to the
9:25 am
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9:26 am
they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. you're watching today in the bay. >> and a very good wednesday to you. it's 9:26 i'm sam brock. police right now are searching for the gunman who shot and injured a man last night at an east bay bart station. this happened at the bay fair station in san leandro. witnesses say the confrontation started on a train. gunfire erupted later when both men were in the parking lot. police say the victim right now is in serious condition. also happening today, a big expected turnout for a hearing over the recent sale of four bay area hospitals. the daughters of charity health system is selling six different facilities statewide to the for-profit prime health care services. that is, of course pending approval by state attorney general pamela harris. today's meeting will be held at san jose's o'connor hospital one of the facilities being
9:27 am
sold. and a plan to raise water rates for hundreds of thousands of east bay customers is reportedly on hold at least for the time being. you can thank the recent rains. rates were supposed to increase 14% this month to help offset a plan to pump water from the sacramento delta. the contra costa times reporting the rate hike is delayed to at least january 19th. the board may move to table the plan altogether. we're going to find out from christina after this break. this is an nbc news special report. near's cynthia mcfaddencfadden. >> we're coming to update you on the terror attack in paris that prosecutors say killed ten people and wounded 11 others. at this hour, the suspects are still on the loose. of the dead eight were journalists, were two police officers according to those
9:28 am
prosecutors. in a moment we will hear president obama's response to the attacks, what's believed to be three gunmen stormed the office of the french satirical magazine charlie hebdo around 11:30 a.m. local time and opened fire inside. video appears to show them shooting an officer on the street before fleeing in a car. there is no confirmed claim of responsibility for the attack but there is a history of extremist muslim anger towards the magazine. in 2011 its offices were firebombed after the magazine depicted the prophet mohammed on its cover. shortly before today's attack, the magazine tweeted out a cartoon depicting the leader of isis abubakar al baghdadi. the white house has condemned this as an act of terror. peter alexander is at the white house for us. peter, what the k you tell us? >> president obama made these comments in the oval office a matter of minutes ago, we will play them for you in just a second. the president is offering help to the french officials in their
9:29 am
pursuit of these terrorists for what he calls a horrific shooting. he is also offered his thoughts and prayers to the french people, who he described france as america's oldest ally. you noted that right now there is no confirmation on who's responsible. a senior official saying there's no time. >> thank you, let's go to the president. president. >> i've reached out to president hollande of france and hope i have the opportunity to talk to him today but i thought it was appropriate for me to express my deepest sympathies for the people of people and france for the terrible terrible event that took place earlier today. i think that all of us recognize that france is one of our oldest allies our strongest allies they have been with us at every
9:30 am
moment when we have -- from 9/11 on in dealing with to terrorist organizations around the world that threaten us. for us to see the kind of cowardly evil attack that took place today, i think, reinforces once again why it's so important for us to stand in solidarity for them just as they have stood in solidarity with us. the fact that this was an attack on journalists, an attack on the free press also underscores that these terrorists fear freedom of speech and freedom of the press. but the one thing i'm very confident about is the that the values that we share with the french people a belief a universal belief in freedom of expression is something that can't be silenced because of the
9:31 am
senseless violence. so our counterterrorism cooperation with france is excellent. we will provide them with every bit of assistance that we can going forward i think it will be be important for us to recognize that these kinds of attacks can happen anywhere in the world and i'll be discussing with secretary kerry to make sure we remain vigilant not just respect to americans living in paris but americans living in europe and in the middle east and other parts of the world to make sure we stay vigilant in trying to protect them. and to hunt down and bring the perpetrators of this specific act to justice and to roll up the networks that help to advance these kinds of plots. in the end, though the most
9:32 am
important thing i want to say is that our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have been lost in france and with the people of paris and the people of france. what that beautiful city represents the culture and the civilization that is so central to our imaginations those who carry out attacks against innocent civilians ultimately they'll be brought to justice and we'll stand with the people of france through this very very difficult time. thank you very much, everybody. >> president barack obama saying that the united states will stand with the people of france condemning the terrorist act earlier today which is already, according to french prosecutors,
9:33 am
taken ten lives. peter alexander is standing by at the white house. peter, can you tell us about the setting for today's statement by the president? >> the statement as you saw taking place in the oval office. this was a prescheduled meeting with the vice president and the secretary of state. you saw john kerry there as well picking up right where we were before the president spoke, we have now heard from a senior u.s. counterterrorism official who reiterates the fact that right now there is no confirmation of who's responsible, no group has claimed responsibility. in the words of that counterterrorism official "this will take time." however here national security staff at the white house has been in contact throughout the course of this day with their counterparts in france and certainly senior administration officials are well aware that the group isis has been aggressively trying to recruit sympathizers in the west but at this time they say it's too early to tell who's behind them. >> peter alexander, our thanks to you for that report today. we'll myung-bak withback be back
9:34 am
with any developments throughout the day. visit our web site >> and that's your latest weather. >> al thanks a lot. if you ever need someone to car pool with, comedian and actress kym whitley would make a great choice. i'm referring to, of course, when her character a prostitute was picked up because he need another body for the car pool lane to get to the dodgers game faster. >> best episode. season two of "raising whitley," about how her real life changed unexpectedly when she was given one hour to decide if she wanted to adopt a newborn. now the single mom is preparing for a comedy gig with the toddler. take a look. what do you like, this hair or this hair?
9:35 am
>> that one. >> i have to get my stuff. okay, don't lose it. honey! my girl. my good friend, ronnie my stylist, came to oakland. is that what we're doing now? do you mind babysitting a little bit? hey, got to use what you got. >> i love it. >> mommy will be back okay? >> wow! >> i'll be back. all right. good luck. >> how did that turn out? >> kym whitley, good morning. >> good morning. >> so cute. he is adorable. i love the story how he came into your life. tell me how that came about. you said you had an hour to decide? >> honey, it was like a pizza delivery. let me tell you something. you know, i got a phone call out of the blue from the hospital. i'm a comic. lady called and she was like, we have your baby ready. and i'm like, i didn't order a baby. do fries come with that baby? and i hung up the phone. >> so funny. >> the social worker, you know -- >> but you knew the mom? she was somebody you had
9:36 am
mentored? >> someone i had been mentoring. that's how i found out she had a baby, left my name at the hospital. i was like, do i have nine months? can i call you back in two weeks? the lady was like you have an hour. >> pressure. >> that was a lot of pressure. luckily, my parents were in town and my mother was like, honey you've always wanted a baby. you are 87 years old. you got one egg left and that one is on a walker, boo. go get that baby. this is your last chance. >> how has joshua changed your life? what a cutie. >> joshua has definitely changed my life. i used to be like appletinis and mini skirts. now i'm like minivans and apple sauce. i used to be the party girl. it changed my life for the better. everyone is like oh, you got this kid. he's blessed. no, he blessed me. he really just kept me -- >> you have a village, including your stylist and other people who come in to help you.
9:37 am
>> yes. >> i had a pleasure of meeting joshua. he stole the show, went on stage with you at this event. >> yes, did he. >> everyone was like, ahh! he's fearless. we saw him cry and throw a tantrum, too. tell us about the village that has pitched in, including your parents. >> a single working mom working on "raising whitley" and i have a show, "young and hungry." hey, "young and hungry" cast? as a single mom, i'm like how do i make this happen? help. not help one hour, not help for a day. i need you to help me raise this baby for the rest of his life and they all chipped in. >> they did? >> yes. well, there were some but they were smoking and drinking so i didn't really want them. i'm like i'm all right with you. >> everything happen force a reason. >> everything happens for a reason. >> his 4th birthday is this week? >> it's friday, that's right. he will be 4 years old. >> big blowout? >> too close to christmas, al. he gets a handshake and a cake. >> i don't think that's true. i don't believe that for a
9:38 am
minute. >> well the village -- i get the village together. this time, one christmas he got five bikes. i was like, really? can we all talk? can we e-mail? >> that's one per day. what the heck. >> that's absolutely true. you are right. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> blessing in my life and really just being on the own network with the show has just been -- >> tamron, can i see your show? >> she's an a-plus texter. >> this is for joshua. >> josh is going to love the pictures on this phone. >> we are friends. >> absolutely. >> kym thank you. >> i got a text real quick. >> she's great at texting. "raising whitley" airs on zbloen please watch it. >> watch t she's texting america right now. >> i'll tell you willie, if i had known you were this cute, i would have worn a better bra. >> hey now! >> yeah, now we're talking! >> al, i used to like you but you done lost too much weight. >> hold up. somebody get me a big mac!
9:39 am
>> i love you. oh god. >> we could stay here all day because we're having so much fun. but coming up next -- >> commercial break. >> jimmy fallon last night talking to [ jeremy ] i get to spend all day, every day visiting with dentists getting an understanding of what they're looking for. somebody who has sensitivity they want relief from their sensitivity pain but they also want the other things that are available in toothpaste. new sensodyne complete protection is designed specifically for sensitivity sufferers, but then, on the other side of the coin it's also delivering on the other attributes that patients want out of a sensitivity toothpaste delivering a complete package. i think dentists are going to want to recommend sensodyne complete protection. it's going to be a breath of fresh air for them. if you have medicare part d, walgreens gets that you might be at the corner of "looking for a good deal" and "sheesh, i wish i'd looked some more." that's why walgreens makes it easy to switch your prescriptions and save money. just stop by.
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[thinking] started my camry. drove to her wedding.
9:43 am
did not forever hold my peace. [laughing] wow! the bold new camry. one bold choice leads to another. toyota. let's go places. time for your wednesday pop fix. let's do this. let's kick things off with bradley cooper in the buff. cooper just turned 40. he looks amazing. what better way to celebrate than appear shirtless on the cover of the new "w" magazine. decked out in just a pair of white pants and suspenders. cooper strips down to his birthday suit inside the issue holding a jacket and pants against himself. for a closer look head to what do you think of the pictures, natalie? >> i think he looks good. you don't like the white suit look on him.
9:44 am
>> i like a little more bronze to the skin. just a little bit. what do you think? >> i think it's a great feud. >> the translucent man. >> he has a little olive to him. >> good man. >> cameron diaz is not the only star with a surprise wedding, luda ludacris just revealed he married his long-time girlfriend. he tweet eded why wait? did the thing before 2015, #mr. and mrs. bridget. ludacris popped the question with a mile-high proposal on a plane looking down at the words, will you marry me, written on the ground below. >> wow! >> love that. >> congrats to them. he surprised her and that the dress was already picked out. in a sense, she just walked in and let's get married. >> do you want that, though? do you want to pick your own dress on that day? >> is this a trick question?
9:45 am
>> no, no, in general. >> i don't want the day. we'll discuss later. congratulations to nutleyweds and nicole kidman once date jimmy fallon? >> we know the story here. >> we heard the story. >> kidman revealing on "the tonight show" she had a crush on fallon when she was single and hoped he might like her back. oscar winner said a mutual friend set them up. she went to jimmy's apartment but he was less than enthusiastic. >> what? >> yes. take a look. you were like, hey, mm, mm, mm. >> i didn't say hey, mm, mm, mm. i didn't know this was -- that this was a setup. i thought it was a movie. >> like to hang, it was just -- then you put a video game on or something. i was like this is so bad! >> after about an hour and a
9:46 am
half, i thought, has no interest. this is so embarrassing. >> has no clue at all. >> and i went, okay, no chemistry. then i was like maybe he's gay. >> jimmy blew his shot at nicole kidman and reaction, priceless. he has a beautiful wife. it all worked out for both of them. >> it did work out. but when nicole kidman is sitting in your living room, you don't play madden. that's not what you do. come on, man! >> i have an update for you. ellen/portia prank war continues. how she pranked her wife, portia, doing a jane fonda workout. now portia is pranking ellen back of ellen singing "uptown funk" on the treadmill ♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ ♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ ♪ don't believe me just watch ♪
9:47 am
♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ >> so portia tweeted i got you back at the ellen show. don't believe me just watch. >> ellen tweeted back, pretty brave for someone who does yoga in the nude. implying i'm going to get you back. >> this is not going to end well. >> it's not. up next, something that will end well no more waiting for the water to boil. we'll show you how to make pasta in the microwave with so i'm on the cookie air diet. you just... and that's it. i'm a big fan of the baby food diet. how many 200 pound babies have you seen? i think i'll stick with my great grains cereal with fruit and nuts and... whole grain goodness. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole, see the seam. more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. ladies, it's time to get real. great grains nutrition you can see. ah!
9:48 am
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i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. week night dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. i heard you have a tough clog. i only have ten minutes. i only need 7. liquid plumr urgent clear penetrates the toughest clogs with two fast acting gels in only 7 minutes guaranteed baby. the taste of light and fit greek non fat yogurt gives you the power to help make temptation shrink away! light and fit greek. with irresistible flavors like strawberry cheesecake never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying! light and fit greek. taste the power of satisfaction.
9:51 am
♪ dannon ♪ the past best gadget winners from america's test kitchen, chris randle from "test kitchen." >> microwave pasta. >> box to pasta, do this in a microwave. don't want to boil four quarts of water, could take up to a pound of pasta, put it in here. add the water. measuring marks on the side, depending how much you're cooking. and then you throw it in the microwave. >> wow! >> when it's done this one can go in. you do it with the top off. >> i'm going to try it. >> taste tester here. which one is boiled, which one is microwaved. >> the top also has a filter so you can pour off the water.
9:52 am
so which one is microwaved and which one is boiled? >> that's boiled, microwave. >> microwave. >> that's from al dente roker. nicely done. yes. but it saves you a lot of time. >> now if you're a chef in the kitchen, ipad, cooking, make a mess. >> smart phone or whatever and you want to actually have a nice stand. this one is only about 12 bucks. fabulous job. we discovered instead of having some sort of special cover, just get a ziploc bag which works fine, still let's the touch screen work. that way if you go like this -- >> you don't have to worry about splatter. >> and it doesn't fall over. 12 bucks. >> kitchen shears. >> they're 30 bucks, great for poultry, taking out the backbone of a chicken or butterflying it which is hard to do. very comfortable on the hands. snipping parsley. there's a little piece here for
9:53 am
doing bottle opener. >> cool. >> like a swiss army knife. >> that's handy. >> swiss army. and then you could also do -- >> no come on. >> that's another thing. it comes apart for cleaning, which is helpful. because you get poultry in it. >> crack it. >> and you can crack it, yeah. >> ask you quickly about this cover. what have we got here? >> steamer. the word for cover and pig is very similar piggy steamer. they use something that you put it down on top of the food. put it in the microwave. heat it up also take the chopsticks and stick it in the nose and take it off. >> chris thanks so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> look,
9:56 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> and good morning on your wednesday. it's 9:56. i'm sam brock. san francisco police are warning about a man leaving plastic surgeons high and dry, so to speak. investigators have released images showing this man walking in and out of a clinic near the
9:57 am
civic center. a doctor who got stiffed said the man had a wallet full of cash for botox and laser treatments, but left without emptying the wallet and the bill was $6,000. plastic surgeons are sending out e-mail warnings right now calling him the botox band it. over in mountain view, police are crediting a drug dog for a big bust. officers say zeus found $240,000 in cash as well as a large amount of meth during a recent traffic stop in santa clara. it was discovered in a hidden compartment in a vehicle. 12th spare alert this season, sixth in a row. everybody avoid wood burning fires unless it is your primary source of heat. first-time violators face a $100 fine. you do not want to be tagged with that fine christina how's it looking outside right now? >> we have the haze out there. we have high pressure responsible for all that particulate matter just suspended and a lack of wind,
9:58 am
but it's also keeping temperatures up which is good news if you want a warm house and usually burn that firewood so here's the deal when it comes to that air quality. it will improve but sparing the air through friday with unhealthy levels until then as well as onshore increases the next couple days translating to better air quality, lower temperatures. finally the peak of the warming trend, 43 degrees for the south bay today, 72 degrees for the peninsula. hitting the beach should be nice, 79 in monterey today. 78 degrees in santa cruz. these are record temperatures, it typically doesn't get this warm in january because the days are so short. thursday and friday temperatures drop into the mid 60sings cooler for the weekend and looking good for drizzle. back to you, sam. >> beach sounds so good. then christina mentions the water temperatures in the 50s. another look at news in 25 minutes.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey everybody, wines day wednesday, january 7, 2015. jenna bush hager is filling in for vacations kathie lee gifford. we have a question for you. how messy is your closet? >> i bet it's not as messy as yours. >> i bet we're similar. jill came of to my house and i did a whole redo -- >> the top was too tight. >> that was my favorite part. >> i did a whole redo on the
10:01 am
closet. when i have a sweater, i throw it on the top. one day i go through and clean it up. >> a large wad of sweaters. >> it's a whole redo on my closet and she threw out a whole bunch of my stuff. >> look at the before and after. >> anyway it's sick. we'll show you how you can do it and we'd love for you guys to take pictures of your closet and posting them on our facebook page. while you're there, hit like. we need a few more likes. >> you're close to 1 million likes. >> let's get 1 million likes. >> what if we get 1 million likes at the end of the show. >> i think we can do it by the end of the week. he's rock hard on the outside, soft on the inside, wwe champ john cena is here. he's come up with a diet plan and says he can change your body in ten weeks. >> that's not long. >> his dad needed to lose some weight. he came up with this to help his dad out. he happens to be in our studio.
10:02 am
he's going to tell us what you can -- >> oh wait. what? >> i want what he's eating. >> that's an eight pack. >> can we see it again? >> one, two, three, four plus two is eight. >> nice. millions of you will be tuning in to watch the golden globes. we have a tribute and we'll play "who knew" across the street. would you like words of wisdom? >> please give them to me. >> every wednesday i come up with something. you will never be able to escape from your heart, so it's better to listen to what it has to say. that's by pale low, the ag kemist. >> that makes me feel good on this wednesday. you just cheered us up. >> you're going to cheer us up with something. >> i knew this yesterday and didn't say it. my grandparents celebrated their
10:03 am
70th 7-0 wedding anniversary yesterday which is remarkable. they've been actually the longal presidential couple married in history. >> wow. >> did they tweet that picture? >> my grandpa -- this is why i love him, tweeted this yesterday. he wrote 70 years ago this very day barbara pierce of rye, new york, made me the happiest and luckiest man on earth. how could you not get married to a whoa man tick man like that. they got married when he was 20, she was 19 years owed. he had just gotten home from fighting in world war ii he flew a plane that was called the barbara, named after her. they had only kissed each other. he claims that she kissed a man named liver lips. i hope liver lips ain't watching. >> she claimed she kissed a man
10:04 am
named liver lips, she says she never kissed him, that old liver lips just liked her. >> he looks great. >> that was yesterday. he's feeling good. >> what do you think their secret is? >> they say their secret is that they both go 75% of the way. you say, i'll compromise 50% and you compromise 50%. in a marriage that lasts 70 years, sometimes just going 50% isn't enough. >> sometimes one goes 100% and the other only goes 50. >> if you both put in your all and give more than you sometimes want to give you can be married 70 years. >> by the way, that's beautiful. >> i'm hoping to emulate their marriage. i hope more people do too. >> you're absolutely right. >> starbucks has a brand new drink. it's called the flat white. it's made with two shots of a certain kind of espresso. >> yes. >> it's topped with steamed
10:05 am
milk. creamy micro foam. >> we don't know what it is. we hope it's delicious. >> there's a latte, a cappuccino who knows what do they taste like? we don't know. we got three coffees, one is a latte, one is a cappuccino and one is the flat white. they've been sitting here a minute so the foam went down. usually they look better. jen, you're going to do a taste test. >> i don't know if i'm going to be able to distinguish, but i am about to get hyped. >> that's number one. that's something. >> i know what that is. >> you do? >> uh-huh. >> how do you know? okay. keep going. >> i know what that is. >> all right. keep going. >> i know what this is. >> one is a latte, one a cappuccino someone the flat white. which one is the latte. >> latte, flat white, cappuccino. >> latte, number one. >> cappuccino, flat white, latte.
10:06 am
>> why did you know this one because it was smaller? >> because it was smaller. >> it's a tall. only x amount of fat. >> that connell be made with whole milk, the flat white. >> what makes it delicious? >> i don't know what a micro foam is, but i felt like i was about to have a foamy mustache. >> is it creamy? >> this is creamy. it's good. this is good. >> cappuccino is one-third espresso, a third steamed milk. the flat white has two shots of espresso and topped with the creamy foam. >> a special espresso that we can't pronounce. >> the latte has more milk than cappuccino, espresso hot milk poured together with a tiny layer. >> which is your favorite. >> this, full milk. 220 calories, 11 grams of fat
10:07 am
and sugar. >> maybe i should put that baby down. justin bieber, you guys there's photos of him picking up some steam today. he is the new face of calvin klein. he's 20 years old. so this is the ad of him all tatted up. i didn't know he had that many tattoos. i thought he was skinny. >> i thought he was younger and littler. >> nobody wants a skinny guy because then you feel huge. >> you like big men. >> by the way, you know what's funny? i went to some music show and he took off his pants. >> you were there live? >> i was there. he dropped his pants. i was like, what is he doing? he had on calvins, that must have been the beginning of his calvin klein. >> maybe he was trying to get some kind of, here's my calvins, hire me. >> i think he may have already nailed it. >> how did his body look in real
10:08 am
life? >> it was weird. he was stripping in front of everyone. everyone thought he was going a little coo-coo. >> awkward. >> awkward. here are past faces of calvin. brooke shields, mark wahlberg and antonio sabato. is he the really cute one who was in the madonna video a long, long time ago? >> he was in a soap opera i think, right, general hospital. >> i think he was also in -- so chiseled he looks like he should be in a cologne commercial. >> of course. >> we'll ask a question and we don't know the answer. there's a model, we're going to try to guess who her famous parents are. they're both a-list hollywood couple been divorced for five years. let's take a look. >> okay. >> i would say -- >> oh, no. >> i would say kim -- no. >> no idea at all. >> we knew we weren't going to get it.
10:09 am
>> sean penn and robin wright's daughter. dylan penn is 23 years old. >> she looks beautiful. >> she looks gorgeous. she looks more like her. >> file that in the who knew. >> all right. now, this is crazy -- >> are you so excited? >> let me tell you one weird thing. a friend of mine and her husband are coming to new york, and they wented to see "snl." i said i don't know that i'll get tickets. i'll try. it's not always easy. i can sometimes get tickets to the rehearsal. we were all going to go. they picked a random date. they go, oh, january 24th. i was like, okay. the gift from god came yesterday. i looked on the "snl" -- blake shelton is the musical guest and the host. >> is that sick? that is so amazing. >> you've done some good things in your life for that karma to come back to you. >> i wouldn't have cared who it was. when i saw it i thought it was a joke. someone tweeted me.
10:10 am
ha-ha, that's so funny. how would nino i was going. that's the one weekend. >> you have tickets? >> four tickets two couples to the rehearsal. >> i i heard is more fun because they go rogue they go wild. >> i'm so excited. a lot of people we know are taking selfies. >> i can't believe you're saying this. she said something this morning that -- i've had a lot that shocked me in my life. >> i'm over selfies. i always take them and this is fun. this is why. this one came out today. miley cyrus has a bloody nose or it looks like one. we don't know if it really is. what is that? >> i think what you're over, and i feel the same way, is the oversharing. it's a world where we're sharing when we get a bloody nose. that happens to people often, but it's also kind of gross. >> it's gross! we don't know -- call it what you think. you saw it. nbc news did reach out to
10:11 am
confirm if it was, in fact, a bloody nose. we don't know. haven't heard back. >> the takeaway, i'm over selfies. i'm shocked. >> doesn't that kind of -- you look at that and go, everyone now is posting, oh, have a great winter and posing half naked by a slope. you don't want to talk about winter, you want to talk about you in front of winter. >> turned into this narcissistic way. >> a little tmi. "celebrity apprentice" was on the other night. actress viv ka fox is on. shawn johnson, the olympian, she's adorable. they were all in the board room to talk to donald trump. something weird came up. take a look. >> do you have any teammate that you'd like replaced? >> shawn. >> really? why shawn? >> i really don't think that shawn wants to be here. >> shawn, is that true? >> that is not true at all. >> why do you say that, vivvy?
10:12 am
>> she checked out on me. >> in what respect? >> she had a monthly problem that was bothering her and i felt that she was not herself. >> she had a monthly woman's problem? >> yes, sir. she got her damn period, uh-huh. >> i've heard it for years, but never on "the apprentice." >> we don't have that problem. >> what was she -- >> why would she do that? first of all, it happens. it happens every month. it's not like the first time it's ever happened. it's not shawn's fault she got her monthly. >> they say when shawn gets it, she has to go to bed. there are some girls that get it so bad, that you have to get under the covers. >> calling her out in front of all those men. >> terrible! i would not want to go toe to toe with viv ka fox. >> we need you geiers to come out, ambush makeovers are tomorrow.
10:13 am
it's cold and we know that. people tend to bundle up and not come out. we want to encourage you to come to the plaza because you might be one of the people that louis and jill pick. come at 7:00 and we'll see if you're chosen. a lot of people examining their relationship in the new year. go to and take the relationship quiz. we'll sort it out later. we have a lot coming up. >> we sure do. >> john cena will share his ten-week diet plan. >> and we're boldly going where no man has ever gone before, hoda's start the interview with a firm handshake. firm, but not too firm. make eye ay,no! don't do that! try new head & shoulders instant relief. it has tea tree and peppermint that cools on contact. and also keeps you 100% flake free. i use it for cooling scalp relief in a snap. mi bebé ha crecido tanto.
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the toughest clogs with two fast acting gels in only 7 minutes guaranteed baby. you give... and you give... and then you give some more. but sometimes you get. and so you take. tylenol® cold is strong enough for you while children's tylenol® is gentle enough for them. we give you relief from your cold and flu. you give them everything you've got. tylenol®. we are only a week into january, but if you already need a little motivation to stay on track and lose weight we may have what you need a diet and exercise plan from our good friend wwe superstar john cena. >> the ten-week body change
10:17 am
program. john originally created it for his dad that lost nearly 50 pounds. you know what the best part is? >> what? >> we're allowed to have wine. >> many reasons we like john cena. we'll stop in that picture. there was a beautiful girl in that picture. last time you with with us we talked about nicky bella. >> the most beautiful girl in the world. >> she wants to have children and do the whole family thing. last time you were here we were talking about it and you sounded like you weren't on that page at all. has anything changed? >> we are extremely happy. we talk a lot about a lot of stuff. we're heading into the third year of us being in love with each other and we realize we're happy every day. we take every day one day at a time. as a matter of fact, i'm going to do this i'm headed home to florida. she's making her way back from laredo, texas, and we're having dinner tonight. >> you broke up and got back together or never broke up? >> never broke up.
10:18 am
>> for a lot of girls, that is a deal breaker. i mean, you know, if you want children -- >> it could just be where i am in my way of life right now. >> it could change. >> it is what it is. >> we have to hear about this plan. >> i heard the "celebrity apprentice" thing. i'm not here to change mother nature. >> what was that by the way? >> we've got a lot of coffees, selfies. i am here to change everybody's perception of fitness. it is, indeed change time. if you want all the details, go to i'm trying to make health and wellness easy. >> your dad, was he having health issues? you were concerned enough about him to get him on it. >> my dad was the perfect person for this program. i'm not asking people to be strong or look like john cena. i'm asking a 70-year-old man like dad to try his hand at health and fitness, he lost 50 pounds and still going strong. >> what were the a, b, cs, what did you tell your dad to do?
10:19 am
>> step one, want to change. that change time moment. i'm putting it on now, right now with christmas and new year's everybody putting on pounds and wondering how to take them off and keep them out. >> what did you cut out? >> what can he not eat? >> it's not about cutting out. it's about making healthy, good decisions. that's why i don't want to rob you of anything. you gals like wine. so do i. i'm not going to take it away from you. i like sweets. one day a week you can have sweets. not like you have to deprive yourself. we're human beings we want to enjoy. >> what. >> you want to make good decisions, focus on meats, fish poultry. fat is not a good thing. broccoli spinach, brussel sprouts, carrots, tomatoes all that stuff. you want to make more decisions like that and just try to cut back on decisions like soda and all those sugar loaded foods. but basically i'm making this easy. for you and for everybody out there, it's just about you
10:20 am
wanting to experience that change time moment. >> was it tough for your dad? >> no it was easy. >> really? >> it was easy and he gave me every excuse going in. i can't do this i can't do that. i don't want to do this. i don't want to do that. just try it. just experience that change time. >> show an exercise. >> you call it a workout but i want to explain something first. >> is this a wrestling move or work out. >> sit down i've got to explain it to you. >> i'm scared. >> good luck. >> all right. >> wait. stand up. >> uh-oh. >> no. hold on sit down. >> is this the workout? >> i get it. >> this is it. >> that's what i'm asking you to do. so everyone sitting at home watching is going to eventually have to stand up. that's why i just made it easy. the workouts are twice a week ten minutes a workout. >> i'm exhausted. >> just make sure to check it out, nutrition, easy workout. >> tell nikki we said hi all right? >> one of hollywood's biggest nights. >> the golden globes are this weekend. we're about to find out how much
10:21 am
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about xeljanz. we're getting ready to roll out the red carpet and play our weekly trivia game who knew? all about the golden globes. >> first question tina fey & amy poehler will host the golden globes for the third time this sunday. who did amy make out with during last year's broadcast. >> make out. was it george clooney, bryan cranston or bono? >> i remember. >> we'll have the answer in a few minutes. when you go across the street with the crowd. >> from jump suits to go provost, what will all brides and grooms want on their wedding day. >> and how to keep your closet clean. you don't want it to look like my big landfill. all coming up after local news. its, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game.
10:25 am
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[ female announcer ] a 3d white smile has the power to captivate. that's why shakira uses... crest 3d white with whitelock technology, removing up to ninety percent of surface stains and locking out future stains. so your smile always steals the show. crest 3d white. you're watching today in the bay. >> a very good wednesday morning to you. it's 10:26, i'm sam brock. new this morning, new numbers are showing californians are doing slightly better on conserving water but still not good enough. you'll remember a year ago governor brown asked everybody across the state to cut back on
10:27 am
water usage by 20%. well officials reported yesterday that californians have cut overall water use by almost 10% in november, half of the goal compared to the same time last year but important victories are being overshadowed by huge deficits. for example, the bay area cut water use by 18% while l.a., san diego, orange, riverside counties by 3.2%. a look at weather right after this break.
10:28 am
welcome back now, i'm meteorologist christina loren.
10:29 am
taking a look at all that haze banked up against the santa cruz mountains. you can clearly see that here from the south bay. throughout the day today we will be sparing the air, likely to be the case into this weekend, as well. you've got the poor air quality meanwhile, really lovely temperatures out there. 74 degrees in the south bay. today we will likely beat the record here in san jose old record 71. we're on our way to the mid 70s. 72 degrees on the peninsula, the east shore today likely to break a record there, as well and san francisco getting a taste of the upper 60s to low 70s for today. we're talking records today. tomorrow we'll take the numbers down an additional 5 to 10 degree dropoff as we get into your all-important weekend. but hey, onshore flow bringing the temperatures down bringing in some wind and that's what we need to purify our air quality, because you can see here hillside of sunol shows you looking down on the east shore, a lot of that thick haze out there, but up into the mountains or heading to the beach you're going to find the best air quality for today.
10:30 am
sam, back to you. >> all right, how about those september-like temperatures in san francisco? thank you very much, christina. we're going to see you again for the news at 11:00. ♪ ♪ we are back with more of "today" ready to play "who knew." this sunday many of you will be tuning into the golden globes. we'll get you ready with trivia about the nominees. jenna bush hager is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who get things right. those who don't go home with jiffy pop popcorn. here is fandango contributing editor eric davis. hi, eric. >> hi. >> are you ready? >> i'm excited. >> we need late help here. before the break we asked this question, tina fey and amy poehler will host the golden globes for the third time this sunday. who did amy poehler make out with during last year's
10:31 am
broadcast george clooney bryan cranston or bono. >> it was bono. i have a new rule, if bono is at the award show someone has to make out with him. last year after this kiss amy's boyfriend nick crowell, tweeted out "watch your back bono." i wish they could host all the award shows, too. >> let's go across the street to jenna. >> i have our favorite girl hannah who has been here three days in a row trying to get a job. here we go. which film actress went makeup free in her latest role and earned a golden globe nomination. is it a, jennifer anniston, b, felicity jones or c, helen mirren. >> i'll check with my partner. i'll go with felicity jones. >> oh, it was jennifer anniston. >> yes, the correct answer jennifer anniston. this is a big huge breakout time for her, isn't it?
10:32 am
>> it is. this is for the film "cake." she went makeup free. she called the decision empowering and liberating. this is the gutsiest performance of her career. not only did she get a golden globe nomination but also a screen actors guild nomination. >> will she win for this? >> she might. it's a tough field, but she might. >> back across to miss jenna. >> now i have ashley. the question is, meryl streep is nominated for best supporting actress in a motion picture for "into the woods." if she wins what will her golden globe total be? is it a, three; b 10; c 29. >> i'm going to go with the middle man and say b, ten. >> yes, that's correct. >> excellent. tell us about this. >> she's won nine. get ready, nominated a record 29 times which is incredible. she's incredible in "into the woods," she graces us with her
10:33 am
singing voice in this film which i really like. she said, get this, she can't sing in her own house. they won't let her. come over to our house, it's a lot of "frozen" songs, but we rock out. >> i have melagro rosa mund pike is a golden globe nominee for "gone girl" which actress was a producer for "gone girl," a felicity jones, b, reese wither stoon or c, july ann moore. >> july ann moore. the popcorn is delicious. >> reese witherspoon, she optioned this early, didn't she? >> she had a great year. she also produced "wild" which she starred in. she wanted to star in "gone girl." the director said you're not right for the role and she
10:34 am
agreed with him. it's a film that made me cry. >> you did? >> i'm a cryer. you have to see. >> have fun at the globes. we appreciate it. >> you can catch the globes this sunday at 8:00 7:00 central right here on nbc. for all the couples who got engaged over the holidays we'll show you the latest wedding trends. and then we're going to go inside my closet just maybe you guys won't make the same messes i make. jill martin w our "name your price" tool helps -- oh, jamie you got a little something on the back of your shoe there. a price tag! danger! price tag alert! oh. hey, guys. price tag alert! is this normal? well, progressive is a price tag free zone. we let you tell us what you want to pay and we help you find options to fit your budget. where are they taking him? i don't know. this seems excessive! decontamination in progress. i don't want to tell you guys your job, but... policies without the price tags. now, that's progressive. to remove this spaghetti stain let's compare an entire tub of oxiclean to just half a cup of clorox bleach.
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your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now find the lowest prices of the season with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. know better sleep with sleep number. if you gotten engaged over the holidays, planning the wedding and all the details can be a teeny bit overwhelming. >> we're about to make it easier with this year's hottest trends from bridal ware to floors. anya webbing ka from the has it all. >> we have a color that is hot, hot, hot, march saleh. >> march saleh is the color.
10:39 am
march saleh is the color. it's like what i'm wearing, burgundy wine color. the cool thing about this it's very wearable. your bridesmaids could be wearing it. lipstick think about it on the tables. flowers come in march saleh. a very fun color. >> you can pair it with dusty blue in the spring or rose gold if you're having a formal wedding. >> you have gadgetry that helps out. go pros are very hot and trendy at weddings. >> videographers are also bringing go pro video cameras to a wedding. >> that would be great for the dance floor. >> you can get all sorts of fun angles. >> sometimes the videographer will start using it and hand it to all the guestless. >> hi. >> we're not showing it. >> can you imagine all the funny angles. couples want every angle documented. >> you have something in common. >> we have a lot in common. >> we both got married on a
10:40 am
ranch. >> on a ranch. >> where are you from? >> tucson arizona. >> i'm sorry. >> guess what? western weddings are big for 2015. copper mugs, a couple over here -- i think there's something in there. >> we used wild flowers. >> isn't that sweet. >> the whole thing is organic. >> late laid back. next morning you have fried eggs and bacon with all your friends and family. just a really fun theme for everyone. >> let's go to dresses. we've got -- the first trend for 2015, we're talking about brides changing into different dresses. >> three different dresses? >> you turn to the side, she changes into one dress. now brides are changing into three dresses. >> hi, guys. >> so this is the third wedding dress trend. we start off with the ceremony, a big ball gown. by blush by haley page charlotte.
10:41 am
looks beautiful in it. followed by going on to the reception, something a little more form fitting. isn't that fun? and that one is under $1000. so the fun thing is you don't have to go over the top, super pretty. and then fun and flirty for the after party so you can dance. that last one over on the far is by prenogia. >> people are buying three dresses? >> this is something where i say i cannot decide. >> it's a lot of cash. it's expensive. >> maybe splurge on your ceremony dress and then find something fun. >> maybe you thought you'd do something for grandma and your mom something really traditional. >> ladies, thank you very much. >> are you ready to go get married? >> this is interesting. i didn't know about this. >> i didn't either. i love it. >> the jumpsuit. >> stop it. >> you look so cute. >> dominique is wearing the bridal jumpsuit. sal long knowles got married in
10:42 am
her bridal jumpsuit. this is from j. crew. some of the designers are creating these. if you're not going to go as daring for your wedding day, maybe wear it at the rehearsal dinner. wouldn't that be fun? bridal trends are getting a little more daring and edgy. everyone is like, i'm going to wear something that's more like me. >> okay. thank you. >> we have the two piece. >> let's bring out our lucky lady nicole. tell us about this. >> separate rats are also really big. you wouldn't know it looking at this. this is a two-for-one wedding dress. that skirt right there is detachable. this is by haley page. you can literally take the skirt part off for the reception and one dress under $2,000. >> these are great. >> now that my best friend just got n gauged i'm going to give her all these tips. take your closet from clutter and chaos to calming and
10:43 am
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back now with more of our month-long series #start today. >> reporter: it's time to fear the clutter. the place i needed my most help was my closet. a closet cleanse and you're not going to believe your eyes. take a look. ♪
10:49 am
>> when do you fear this stuff? >> when it's out of control. >> we are going through and get rid of 70% of what you have. >> don't throw my stuff away! it's very important! >> keep, toss, maybe. ♪ keep toss maybe ♪ >> here we go! you tie is around your neck. >> i've never seen you do that. that is toss. >> i love that one. >> i didn't even know it was in there! i didn't know it was in there! it's a bathing suit cover-up. another suit cover-up. i love these pants. they are good for the beach. i'm a mess and if this works, hallelujah hallelujah! >> let me see the back. try to zip it. >> that is the big t. do you like it? >> whatever. it's another toss!
10:50 am
>> i'm sure one day, i'll go where is that sweater? i knew i wanted it. >> you will never do that. >> okay good. >> now it's time for me to bring in my tools and go to work. ♪ >> open your eyes. ha, ha! that is completely and totally shocking! i've been shocked before in my lifetime but, i mean, this might be -- 10. it's a 10! it's a 10! it's a -- 10! i love it. i love everything about it. >> it is a 10! i still am shocked. when i woke up in the morning this morning, and looked at it because usually it looks like an avalanche about to happen and it's one of those things you suddenly realize it matters!
10:51 am
you don't think about those kind of things. >> you really don't care about those type of things but i saw your face and it was a sincere this might change my life and it sounds dramatic for opening your closet but it really makes you feel when you get up. >> i think other people i think, want help. the reason i never did anything is because i didn't know what to do or how to do it. it seemed like too much. i've done hefty bags before and moved things out. what should people do? >> are the starting is it took us two hours to do this. get an honest friend who is going to tell you what to keep and toss and the maybe answer try them on. after that. >> by the way, that is the stuff that was in my closet. >> amazing. >> 70%. >> that is a lot of stuff. >> 70% of what she owned you got rid of? >> 70%. wonel wear 30% of what we own. first step go slim hangers. bed, bath and beyond have tons of options and colors and whatever is great for you. you're going to save 70% more
10:52 am
room as well because look how thin these are and they are felt so things don't slip off. that is number one. >> what is number two? >> you love this okay? look at this thing. >> oh, wow! >> got this at bed, bath and beyond. $14.99 and gives you double the space. you said what do you do? >> what am i holding? >> over here. sorry. >> you stay over there. >> you stay there. all it does is hook on. it's dummy proof. >> no no inside. notice middle. >> dummy proof! >> middle one? >> dummy proof? so much for that! maybe not! >> then you get the double and you could -- turn it this way. you could put starves on the ends. >> brilliant! >> just drop it. >> yeah, don't want it to look messy. then move over here. this is a splurge item. if you don't have enough space for jewelry. >> everybody needs a mirror right?
10:53 am
>> to see you how you look. this doubles as a fold mirror. >> no! jeweler organization! >> belts, scarves, all of your jeweler and everybody has a home. >> you hang it on the closet door? >> yes. it's brilliant. >> this is three. easy steps and everything basically. >> shoes? >> shoes in a box? >> you love this. you take the picture of the shoes, which i'm going to show you over here. you take the pictures of the shoes and then you put the picture on the outside of the bin. >> this takes organization to the next level. >> or just look through and know what your shoes are. >> this is under $3. i took a picture of this. under 3s at the container store. >> we have to shoot. >> the best part! >> she loves this ottoman! >> this is an ottoman. a splurge item. but it serves as a footstool and also can you see this? it holds all of these pairs of shoes and storiage! >> we got to run!
10:54 am
get more of her tips on our website. send the messiest part of your house using roo start#start today. >> we will be back in a moment with a super fan who is outdoors! >> this is "today" on nbc! >> nice!
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
tomorrow country star garth brooks steps in for kathie lee he'll host a sing-along. special ambush makeovers. come down early. >> if you've been watching the show, you've seen this cute girl standing outside. not a girl she's a grown woman. her name is hannah. she says she'll drink for a job. you're with your sister and your mom. >> my mom and sister. >> hold the mic close. this is part of the job. what job are you looking for? >> i'm looking for anything in television, either producing or being in front of the camera. >> look at you, girl.
10:58 am
>> so adorable you guys. we love you. have an awesome wines day wednesday. we'll see you tomorrow. thanks. >> thank you.
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00 breaking news out of santa rosa a little girl is missing from her elementary school. police sent out an alert a short time ago. they say the girl was last seen headed to a restroom on campus at steel lane elementary. here you see her, victoria valdez ten years old, white female 5'2", pink highlights class still is in session at steel lane. reverse 911 calls are being made to residents in the area to tell them about this missing girl. at this point, police don't think it's suspicious but because of victoria's age,


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